Hip-hop, don't stop: музыкальный канал A-One теперь выпускает одежду

Music TV channel A-One launches a collection of clothes for A-One Hip-Hop Concept developed by the Russian producer Alexander tolmatsky and known under the name Freak on graffiti-designer Alexander Брашкин. During inspired by the rhythms of the hip-hop collection includes the things that we all in adolescence dancing at discos under the rhythms decl, Missy Elliott, TLC, Outkast and Beastie Boys t-shirts and t-shirts with prints and shirts, pants and sweatshirts, shorts and leggings made of natural cotton and viscose. All used on clothing prints and drawings – only the author and developed specially for this collection. The motto of the collection – Life is a hip-hop party – implies that the clothes A-One Hip-Hop Concept was created for noisy parties abound clips hip-hop artists, but it also can be used and on vacation, and for a walk, and in the gym. Buy items from the collection of A-One Hip-Hop Concept ” shop HITOP in room A-ONE CAFE in the shopping center «Evropeisky».

A-One Hip-Hop Concept A-One Hip-Hop Concept

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