Ударим цветом: 24 сочных и ярких юбки для лета-2013

Hit colour: 24 juicy and bright skirt for summer-2013

In summer you will find many reasons to wear your bright skirt to work for a walk or for a date. Go together in search of colorful mini, MIDI and Maxi, that will make your summer days a truly unforgettable.

Bright skirt in spring-summer collections 2013 

Even if you’re a fan of the classics, add to your image of bright color, as advised by the designers. The news reports from the podiums seen most unexpected combinations: bright skirt accompanied with white or black top, and with the same bright tops with drawing and without. General interest to the bright skirts means that pick out a skirt you can not only design boutique, but in the store with moderate prices.

Dolce & Gabbana, весна-лето 2013 Dolce & Gabbana spring summer 2013 Matthew Williamson, весна-лето 2013 Matthew Williamson, spring-summer 2013

Paul & Joe, весна-лето 2013 Paul & Joe, spring-summer 2013 Victoria Beckham, весна-лето 2013 Victoria Beckham, spring-summer 2013

Peter Pilotto, весна-лето 2013 Peter Pilotto, spring-summer 2013 Pinko, весна-лето 2013 Pinko, spring-summer 2013

How to choose a bright skirt? 

Short, long, bright solid-color or multi-color skirts are at the peak of popularity. Given the huge variety of different skirts in stores, you definitely not be easy to find a skirt that will suit you.

Start with the search for the correct style. Bright mini skirt bring out your long and slender legs skirt-MIDI high-waisted beautifully allocate bend your hips and direct long skirt will make you visually above and slimmer.

At the second stage, when the silhouette you may already know, decide with the color – whether it is a skirt monotonous or with multi-colour drawing. To say that a color is the most relevant, but some do out of fashion, it will be unfair, because even designers work with the whole palette of colors, giving preference to intense energetic shades. Follow their example and do not limit yourself black or white color just because they combined with any other colors.


Milly Milly Peter Pilotto Peter Pilotto

Asos Asos Rag & Bone Rag & Bone

What to wear bright skirt? 

The secret of success is simple: to your colored skirt began to play with all its colors and transform your summer day, you need to pick up her clothes, footwear and accessories of harmonious colours. The right combination will make your image fresh and unique. There are several options of combinations with bright skirts, and to choose the most suitable, you can try all of the proposals.

Option # 1: bright skirt + white top

Bright shades paired with things white always look good. Shoes and accessories you can choose both in tone skirt and neutral colors – brown, beige, grey.

Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Street-style Street-style Эшли Мадекве Ashley Мадекве

Option # 2: bright skirt + black t-shirt

The black color of finding a balance with bright colors always universal. Shoes, bag and jewelry you can find in black or with details of the color of the skirt.

Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Option # 3: bright skirt with a print + solid top

Skirt with a print profitable supplemented epitome of this color, which is used in the figure on the skirt. Decoration on the neck or shoulder bag of other colors available on your skirt, completes the image.

Леандра Медин Leandro Medin Street-style Street-style

Option # 4: bright skirt + bright upper hand in the same color

Up you can pick up clearly in the tone of the skirt. Then get ensemble which will remind ready to dress. Shoes and accessories you can find in common with the skirt color or find a win-win option in the basic tone.

Street-style Street-style Натали Йос Natalie Jos

Option # 5: bright skirt + bright top in a different color

Bold fashionistas can recommend is to pick up skirt similar in rich shades up or even mix the two to three bright color or pattern.

Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

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