Курортный роман: плюсы и минусыКурортный роман: плюсы и минусы
Summer still continues, and with it it’s time to leave, bright emotions, events and emotions. Very often decorate a kaleidoscope of emotions and feelings helps a holiday romance.
None of the people he has not happened. Once or more, who left good or, on the contrary, the sad memories, holiday romance happens to many. It is well for those, who quickly let go and forget who can at the right time disable emotions and again turn the mind. Gorgeous he and for those related to life easy, loves the thrill of not looking for a serious relationship, not trying to create a strong family. For such people a holiday romance is like food for their batteries vitality, intensity of feelings, emotions and impulses. Is the ability to reset the events of the past and start counter new experiences.
For those who lives in a world of illusions and can’t make their dreams with reality, for those who are devoted to his feelings and emotions, for those who quickly tied to people and long kept warm memories, who believe that holiday romance will grow into something more – it’s a trap, emotional trap, which do not allow to move on and build a serious relationship.
Most of the resorts novels arise spontaneously, it is so easy to get carried away each other in the warm southern sun, sea, where all the air is impregnated with sensuality and passion. However, there are girls who like on track twice, even three times in the year are sent on the seas and oceans, to enjoy his next novel. They had everything under control – there is a man who already there waiting for the benefit of social networking feature to all sorts of acquaintances. Neither the girl nor her partner does not count on the continuation of relations in advance and are aware of the fact that diverge as the ships as soon as the holidays come to an end. It is their conscious choice and nobody has the right to condemn that people have thus lived their life.
You and only you form their attitude to the holiday romance. It’s like everything in our lives, it has its pros and cons. WANT gathered them together for those who still have to go on a vacation and, perhaps, to see the romantic adventure.

Plus resort novel – possibility to improve your self-esteem. You are surrounded by compliments, enthusiastic views attention. Many women lack this in the routine of everyday work. That is why the feeling attractive in the eyes of men, acting on a woman of any age better than the most expensive and high quality cosmetics. Many women returning from vacation, radically changed their life, interests, appearance, as the new Roman opened a new dimension to their feminine nature.

Minus is a blow to your self-esteem. In most cases, men finish their holiday romances where they started – in the resort. Few want to continue. A woman who understands this, quietly continues his way of life back home. Worse than those who hope that the passion, the outbreak during a relaxing holiday by the sea, capable of withstanding the test of time and may be repeated after the vacation. Statistics are known only 10 % of the cases, when the holiday romances smoothly flowed in serious and long relationship, and only 5 %, when such novels ended in a happy marriage.

Next plus – transformation of appearance. Most women return from vacation amazingly похорошевшими. Hormonal cocktail their endorphins, дофаминов and other elements that make you extremely attractive. You источаете natural and natural beauty and sexuality, as worried sincere emotions and you do not allow negative throughout the vacation. This magnet attracts men and makes you desirable.

Minus, born from the previous plus, sadly, is that after returning home, such a cocktail cook can infrequently. If you have no personal life, you again find yourself in the hustle and responsibilities, back in the whirlpool of everyday business and problems, and your memories you can only spare time scroll in memory. That is why many after the holidays tend to apathy, melancholy and even depression.

Plus the next resort novel – you are well rested, emancipated their feelings, desires and impulses, satisfy all your fantasies, allowed themselves to simply enjoy life.
Minus – flight of fantasy and violent passions over. Few women, like men, are able to enjoy sex and not get tied to a partner for a long time. As easy as you did not relate to spontaneous sex without further obligation, for most women, it leaves a bitter aftertaste. In physiology and psychology of sex is very closely linked with heart strong emotions and feelings, and a burning desire for protection and tenderness by a partner. Unfortunately, the men with whom you had a holiday romance, often among the don жуанов, and take responsibility for the woman after the completion of temporal relations, is not included in the list of their priorities. You are lucky if your mind is ready, and you can easily break your emotional relationship with the partner.
Next plus – you meet a new person, given a new communication experience, not only spiritual. You can see again, and if you were really well – who knows, maybe you’ll build relationships outside of energy carefree holiday resort.
Minus – you have to be careful with new acquaintances and beware of scams. Unfortunately, many of them just stretch in the Spa town in the middle of the season. If you are lucky and you have met all the parameters of a wonderful partner for the resort of the novel – protect. Pregnancy, STDs you exactly nowhere. Because no matter how strong or weak character you were not aware how easy or hard you from tearing emotional connection after resort of the novel, yet its main task is to leave only a warm and pleasant memories.
Maybe not immediately, but over time – is necessary.

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