Ужас-ужас-ужас! Прически из 90-х вернулись летом-2013

Quirks mode unpredictable. Something in her Pets cannot be perfect glamour, sweetheart naturalness, negligence, reaching to the slovenliness. Managed to forget hairstyles a La «I just got out of bed, the effect of dirty hair disheveled beams and horse-tails with a huge cloth rubber bands? It turns out that nothing in the coming hot season all of this at the peak of popularity. To understand the old and new trends will help us creative Director of a network of beauty salons SmartCut Elena Pisarev.

Insight from an expert

Looking back, the 90s can be divided into three periods, each of them with its fashionable trends in hairstyles and укладках.

The beginning of the 90s continued the tradition of the 80s, when there was fashionable bright, neon style of dress, tights and a large accessories. In the mid-90s revolution in the world of hairdressing art in Europe were the so-called bad head of hair. Were torn grooming, regardless of length of hair, which then went to the special modelling paste. In view of this hairstyle was careless, though you only got up from the bed. This style was not easily accepted in Russia, mostly it is picked up by the mods that are ready to experiment.

In the mid-90s widely spread rave movement, which has made its corrections in hairstyle. Neon, acid shades became popular not only in clothes, but in hairstyles. Very fashionable were to paint individual strands in dramatic color – neon purple, silver, gold, pink, etc.

Closer to the end of the 90’s – early 2000’s fashion hairstyles survived another boom became incredibly popular perfectly straight and smooth hair. «Chemistry», портившая for many years the hair of women, disappeared, and in its place came a Valet hair and more forgiving, easy means of fixation.

Comeback of the 90s: where did that come from? 

Of course, we suspect that the triumphant return of the trends of the 90s in укладках and summer hairstyles-2013 «provided the» grunge that even in the winter and spring of this year took a firm place in the collections of many designers. And after a podium, as always, tightened the stars, and now the model and girlfriend of Prince Harry Cressida Бонас sports at the Glastonbury music festival in the image of a simple neighbor girls. White stretched t-shirt, denim overalls, sunglasses like children in bright neon-light green frame… And most importantly, we are most interested in – disheveled laying, as if made in haste: part the hair carelessly assembled on the back of the head with a large elastic bands of light fabric, other curls «thrown» on your back and shoulders without any hint of a communication with a hairbrush.

Foreign experts in the beauty believe that not only the style grunge paved the way to the «new» 90-m, but… summer Olympics-2012, took place in London. Many gymnasts for their performances preferred to high careless beams with large rubber bands, thus forming the next hot trend.

One of its first picked up the fashion brand Ashish, offering its models at the show the collection of spring-summer of 2013, the same image, dirty hair, lazily collected in a sloppy high beam attached to a broad white rubber band. Grandmother British fashion Vivienne Westwood in the collection of Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label spring and summer of 2013 filed this trend more theatrical: added a neon makeup and accessories runway beauties large pins with artificial flowers. Such a «bouquet» on the top, I must say, the size is only slightly inferior to a small cap. Another hi 90 m from the Vivien – ‘ lifeless’, etched, pergidrolny blonde is exactly what was obtained in fashionistas home, if you overdo it with the clarifier and save on ink.

ЗвездоОТПАД: summer by a celebrity in the 90s style

Carrie Bradshaw, the unforgettable heroine Sarah Jessica Parker once said that true resident of new York city will never wear such a terrible accessory, like a huge textile gum, adored by young girls and Housewives. Fashion forecasts Carrie – unfortunately or fortunately? – did not come true: today the beauty bloggers copy of the street style of the Big Apple with a large number of hair styling inspired by the 90’s.

Among the stellar fashionistas поклоницами new trend, besides the already mentioned Крессиды Бонас, are Sienna Miller, Kara Delevin, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Whitney Port and Mary-Kate Olsen. Careless beams and horse-tails with suede or velvet rubber bands often opt for a casual-Miranda Kerr images, Jessica Alba and Frieda Pinto.

Trends in painting in the style of the 90s also give a lot of food for observations. For example, beauty Naomi watts, recently partly выкрасившая light strands in pink color. For the role, of course, but «pernicious» the impact of the fashion trend is evident. From gentle, warm and natural honey in favor of the cold platinum refused candice Swanepoel grieve many fans. Willow Smith and Jennifer Lopez, on the contrary, became fatal brunette with готичными curls color Voronova wing.

Елена Писарева

90 today: that take note of?

Our expert Elena Pisarev tells you how to try hair-trends of the 90 – dimensional bangs, Coca radical sixties – and look stylish, and not ridiculous.

Do double bangs

Step 1. Longer hair raises above the base of the straight bangs using the brush up and laid on its side.

Step 2. Short strands of a Bang with a round brush laid forehead, closing it.

Step 3. Fix bangs plenty of varnish.

Do fleece

Step 1. Apply to wet hair styling mousse.

Step 2. Dries hair, his head tilted forward.

Step 3. Share the head of the zone, separating the upper sections on each site, and начесываем hair, especially occipital part.

Step 4. The upper sections are distributed evenly on the fleece.

Step 5. Fasten hairstyle varnish.

Do hairstyle «Kok»

Step 1. Dries hair, share the zone.

Step 2. The hair at her temples зачесываем back and collect into a tight tail along with the hair at the nape and parietal part.

Step 3. The remaining hair from the top of the occipital part (which are upon the face of the center) начесываем and collect on the back of the head, forming volumetric cocoon.

Step 4. Fasten hairstyle varnish.

Двойная челка как у Кэти Перри Double bangs like Katy Perry Прическа «кок» как у Ферджи Hairstyle «Kok» as Fergie Дженифер Энистон Jennifer Aniston Дрю Бэрримор Drew Barrymore

And you like big hair clips, textiles and plastic, torn grooming casual styling and bold experiments in painting? Or do you think that for you period Hobbies like «модностями» successfully passed? We value your opinion about the return of the 90s in hairstyles and укладках this summer – waiting for your assessments and statements. Don’t forget: we, as before, we award prizes for the best comment of the week for registered users!

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