Предметы быта, влияющие на зачатиеПредметы быта, влияющие на зачатие
The American scientists have established a link between перфторуглеродами and pregnancy. Because of these chemicals in women break the cycle (which indicates a violation of hormonal background) and are having trouble conceiving.
To such conclusion the doctors came, surveyed more than thousands of expectant mothers at different stages of pregnancy. The scientists measured the level of the two most common perfluorocarbons in the blood and asked women, how quickly they could get pregnant. Those who are more often in contact with chemicals, spent far more time and effort to conceive a child.
The trouble is that perfluorocarbons widely used in the production of water – and жироотталкивающей food packaging, clothing, carpets and pans. Accordingly, kitchen sponges, Teflon pans, latex household gloves, household chemical goods and other household items can lead to infertility. So too goods to facilitate our life, still not worth it.
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