Сколько должен зарабатывать мужчина, чтобы называться Мужчиной?Сколько должен зарабатывать мужчина, чтобы называться Мужчиной?
The stereotype that a man is the breadwinner, while the woman is the Keeper of the hearth, long ago lost its power, but representatives of a strong half of humanity is excellent excuse for all occasions.

Judge for yourself, a woman today work equally with men. But with all this, she is the guardian of the hearth. Yes, the border of the division of responsibilities is not as clear as it was before. But all the same, nobody cancelled delicious meal cooked his wife or girlfriend, clean cozy apartment and well-kept children. And the woman must be beautiful, interesting for the elect. And the thesis that the wife stopped to watch itself and goes home in a dirty robe is still almost the main factor in the list of causes of male adultery. Not much do you want, dear men, women?
And that man? He getter! This is his primary responsibility. All are touched by, when Pope walking with their children. What he done!, – repeat all in one voice. The husband knows how to fry potatoes is just not the man, but a dream! Went for groceries? Applaud standing! Earned on these products? Well need it on hands and take a whirl, whirl!
Men life much easier. Moreover, the entire world works for them. If he does not earn money, then he is in creative search itself and worthy of his profession. Yes, it will. The wife still has to be Keeper of hearth, her responsibilities inviolable. But, as a modern woman, should also work. Eat because something necessary, while her husband searches themselves. Yes, there are other men, to argue stupid. But these are rare exceptions.
If a man, although a little bit earns, he is the king of all parties called Life. What he may claim? Too little money? Go work itself, nothing to hang on the neck. Money is very little? So you know, dear, how difficult today to find a decent job.
But if HE earns very well, your man is not exactly like yours. He will be proud of myself to the limit, it will get new expensive hobby, and not only a material nature. No its not particularly condemn, because if he can maintain and family and lovers, so it was a plus! Such a man is rarely happens at home, assistance with housework, you can forget. If he is able to hire an assistant for the home, the woman will receive their portion of reproach that she stays at home and does nothing. If a woman works, well, if only at night you will meet in the same bed and you will have enough forces to discuss the past day.
In General, whatever you say, and men are always in a more advantageous position. Earns or not, but blame the woman for inactivity (not working, or not doing home and me, the favorite will always be able to. If a woman is singing the same song, its called grumpy, forever and everyone is unhappy with his wife, which is from men just want the money.

And didn’t SHE have the right to require those most money? In the end, he also getter! This is his primary responsibility. Ail to perform!
How much money should earn man to his favorite was happy? Ask whether she ever satisfied? Will! The Golden mean rule has not been canceled. No need to be first in the list of the richest people in the country. It really will have many new problems. We have to earn so much, that and the man was satisfied with himself, and his woman felt that she does it for her, not only for the sake of his pride and implementation. That could afford to be well-groomed, please his eye. To improve its level of intelligence to remain interesting for him. To maintain your health, or who need a sick feeble friend? Well and entertainment needs, that together with his faithful enjoy life and each other, and also to relieve stress in order to avoid scandals.

So, the estimate. Unit report, take the time interval of one month.

Beauty salon (2 920 UAH)

Hairdresser (cutting, painting) 200 UAH
Pedicure (once a month) 200 UAH
Manicure 80 UAH per month 320 UAH
Cosmetologist (face cleaning once a month) 200 UAH
Body massage (different programs for body care and 10 treatments once a month) to UAH 2000

Cosmetics (2 960 UAH)

Shampoo, hair conditioner 80 UAH
Hairspray 30 UAH
Hair mask 45 UAH
Gel 25 UAH
Body milk 35 UAH
Body scrub 25 UAH
The cream for face daily 100 UAH
Night face cream 100 UAH
Gel for washing, 50 UAH
Facial scrub 50 UAH
Face mask 50 UAH
Cream for the hands, feet, 40 UAH
Eyeshadow (3 units) 600 UAH
Eyeliner 30 UAH
Mascara 150 UAH
Concealer is 200 UAH
Powder 150 UAH
Blush 150 UAH
Lip pencil 50 UAH
Lipstick, lip gloss 200 UAH
Perfume 800 UAH
Sports (1 200 UAH)

Classes in the gym 3 times per week) 1200 UAH

Clothing (18 700 UAH)

The upper clothes (coats, jacket, windbreaker) 1500 UAH
Several dresses 1500 UAH
A pair of jeans 600 UAH
Pair of pants 1200 UAH
Pair of jeans 1200 UAH
A few t-shirts or t-shirts 600 UAH
Sports suit 600 UAH
2 pairs of boots 4000 UAH
5 pairs of shoes 4000 UAH
Sneakers 600 UAH
Underwear 1000 UAH
Hat, scarf 600 UAH
Gloves 300 UAH
Swimwear 1000 UAH

Medical care (2 600 hrn)

Periodic health examination 300 UAH
A visit to the dentist and a gynaecologist 300 UAH
Other (tests, medications) 2000 UAH

Accessories (9 100 UAH)

Glasses 1000 UAH
Shawls 600 UAH
Three bags 1500 UAH
Costume jewelry 1000 UAH
Jewelry from precious metals 5000 UAH

Leisure (UAH 10,000)

Restaurant (three-four times) 3000 UAH
Clubs (once a week, once in two weeks) 3000 UAH
Concerts (once a month) 2000 UAH
Other (bowling, carting, skating rink, ролледром, Museum, exhibition once a week) 2000 UAH

Education (3 600 UAH)

Trainings (5 times) 1500 UAH
Books, CDs 500 UAH
Seminars, online courses 1000 UAH
Foreign language 600 UAH

It should be noted that the cost of services or goods listed above may vary one side or the other with rather big amplitude. But even if a man will provide this minimum, it is possible to call earner.

Our results – 51 080 UAH. The conclusion is the following: if a man is not able to earn such a sum for his woman, he has no right to scold her anything. Whether it is not enough glamorous appearance, or the inability to drive a car, or an inability to maintain it in a conversation on the subject of the theory of electrolytic dissociation.
That you spend on the sweet is what you get in response. And do not think that all women мужененавистницы, selfish bitch. No! Just a modern man accustomed to claim it is their right. But to give again, this is not to them, it is to women. And it turns out that women love and give all of myself only because He is near. And as the song, and that’s all I need. It is necessary, even as it should.
In this respect, money and wealth are important not as separate concepts. They are valuable because they give woman a decent life, a man shows his beloved, as far as it is important. Whatever he does everything for her and their children. That sense of good money not so much elevates him in the eyes of others, but in his eyes Only. And believe me, most women will respond the same. Kindness, care, understanding, a delicious dinner and a passionate night. And it will not mean that a man bought it. This will mean only one thing – that they deserve to be near her.

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