Как не поправиться во время беременности?Как не поправиться во время беременности?
Pregnancy is an important and crucial stage in the life of women. All it takes place in accordance with the individual peculiarities of the development of the body, but in almost every woman experiences on how not to gain weight during pregnancy.
First of all it is necessary to set yourself that weight gain during pregnancy can not be avoided. The norm is considered a weight gain of 10 to 15 kg. They are distributed as follows: 3-4 kilograms is the weight of the fetus 600-700 g is the weight of the placenta, approximately 800 grams of water, 900-1000 g is enlarged uterus, 2.5 kg – increasing volume of blood, 2-3 kg body fat. The last is necessary as a pillow of safety against hunger and for development of the baby, especially after childbirth, the period of breast-вскармливая.
Contributes to weight gain belief in the stereotype now what I should eat for two. Immediately drop the idea. You will quickly come in shape after giving birth, if during the carrying a baby will eat correctly. Besides, it is not only a balanced diet, and generally correct way of life in this period to help save the form.

Most importantly – make your diet in the first trimester of pregnancy. After all, it lays all the organs of the baby, and your own body needs the right amount of proteins and vitamins.

Remember that in the first six months of pregnancy, the extra calories you don’t need. They are needed only in the third trimester, in the amount of two hundred, and this, for example – 1 banana, or 100 g dried apricots, or 50 grams of nuts, or 2 slices of toast with butter, or 1 small baked potato baked with cheese.

It is very important during pregnancy is not avoid physical activity, but all depends on how it flows, and on all the controversial points better to consult your physician.
If your weight increases more than 400 gr per week, обследуйтесь on the subject were not formed do you have internal or external swelling. This may indicate problems with the kidneys or heart.
Thus, the secret of how to not get better during pregnancy, lies in two main rules – follow diet and proper exercise.

Nutrition should be a full and varied. In no case to resort to strict diets and not starve, you can deprive a child of the required energy. It is desirable to minimize the use of a carbohydrate – fast-food and confectionery, soft drinks, candy, sausage, frankfurters. To avoid weight gain, you must enter into a diet of stewed or cooked chicken, turkeys and rabbits, they are rich in protein. Don’t forget about the fish, it has a lot of calcium and phosphorus, as well as lean on milk, cheese and cottage cheese. Replace white bread, black bread of coarse grinding, instead of cakes and sweets to eat dried fruits and fresh fruits.

Also, type in the daily ration of cereals, they are an important source of vitamins and fiber and a very beneficial effect on the bowels.
Pregnant want to eat almost every hour. If you find it difficult to withstand the breaks between meals, eat often, but in small portions. To control the amount of food eaten, get a plate from the calculation of the portion of 200 gr eat alone. Well cope with strong hunger and outsmart the body are capable of diluted juices, fruit drinks, herbal and green teas, uzvar. Remember, however, that the volume of fluid should also be under control. Remember the rule that, on average, during pregnancy a woman can score 4 kg to 20 weeks, and for the remainder of the term gain by 0.5 kg every week.

Not to gain weight will help you to balanced load to maintain physical fitness. For pregnant perfect options – Hiking, swimming, special yoga and gymnastics for pregnant women. However, avoid exercise in the press. Catching up everything when the parents of a healthy and strong baby.
Important thing is to always listen to the feelings its own body, because every woman is unique and special, and, respectively, and the pregnancy will proceed in different ways!

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