Как не ошибиться при выборе инструктора по вождениюКак не ошибиться при выборе инструктора по вождению
Learning something new is always difficult, but if speaking about training driving, this will become responsible and even dangerous occupation. How not to make a mistake when choosing the teacher in this case read the WANT.
Instructors when driving, very rarely, when satisfied with the new drivers. If this is your case, then it is better to consult with familiar, friends, colleagues, that went through this and kept contacts of a good trainer.
Also think about, not any of your inner circle of the person who owns the free time, excellent driver’s skills and willingness to train. You, of course, will be more comfortable and much easier.
Selecting one candidate, do not think that working out with him one lesson, you must отзаниматься with him and the rest of the watch. If the instructor you do not like it: as a professional or as a person tell him about it and start looking for a new guy. Usually, the student’s feeling of guilt before the instructor, and there are doubts whether he will learn driving. You make the same mistakes as the other, and a good instructor will never behave in a way with you, if you do not succeed and will not work at all.
So that when meeting with the instructor must pay attention to.
The ability to explain. He may be a master of his craft, but bring it out: what to do and when and in stages around the train does not know how. Most likely, driving it was gave by itself, and he believes that the same thing happens with everyone.
Professional calm. If worried student is normal for him. If the nervous instructor’s the use of such a driving would be no. A good instructor radiates confidence and most importantly in his disciple, calm and clear mind.
Work above mistakes. The instructor should understand your mistakes and be able to correctly specify how to do it correctly. Next to it you shouldn’t feel as if you are untalented pupil and the most incapable among those who passed the training.
Allows to make mistakes. The actions of bad instructor: seeing that you are doing something wrong, even without much threat of the accident, immediately decide to press a spare pedal. You never understood that you made a mistake, and the instructor quietly continued to lesson. Steps of a good trainer: maintaining professional calm, waiting until you complete your fault, only then together with you begins to conduct analysis of your actions, tactfully explaining how I should do in this situation.
The appearance. You will be surprised, but it is also important. If a man messy, untidy, then it’s likely my own work and my car it is. A good instructor attentive to detail and all over the likes order.
It should look not only to the person himself, but to his car. If you have decided, however, that the model will be your car, it is advisable to seek the instructor with a similar machine. Thus in addition to driving skills, you’ll receive tips on the operation of the car that significantly simplify already self-manage their new car.
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