Как быстро накачать ягодицыКак быстро накачать ягодицы
Summer is in full swing, and if your figure is still requires work on themselves after the long winter, it’s time to begin to perform the exercises. In this article you will find effective exercises that can help you quickly pump up the buttocks.
Any physical activity, require the preliminary warming up of the muscles. Before the exercises for buttock, lean, trying to reach with your fingers to the floor. Or lift your foot on an elevated surface and reach the носочкам feet. Stretching makes the muscles supple and prepare them to the loads.
Exercise №1. Correct squats. These exercises old proven method pump up the buttocks, but often they are doing wrong. Now, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and start slowly squat. Popa must touch on the heels just so you get the maximum result. Back all the time keep smoothly and does not rest against about that. The first days Crouch 15 times in three approaches, after the increase the load.
Exercise # 2. Get on all fours, one leg create an aside, leaving it in place. Doing the exercises, try to keep the angle of 90 degrees. With this exercise you well подкачаете side glutes, where is the sciatic nerve. On each leg make not less than 15 times.
Exercise # 3. Lie on your stomach, chin resting on the floor. Alternately lift your legs up, without bending the knees. For greater efficiency of each leg hold the weight for a few seconds.
Exercise # 4. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, hands fold under the buttocks. Start to raise hips up, for most of hold pelvis shed a few seconds and keep and raise your knees.
Exercise # 5. Get on all fours, now one leg pull back and lift as high as possible. Toes should look down, leg will not give to another. Then change the leg. After you do the same exercise, only with knees bent legs (90 degrees). Keep your back flat, the leg should be clearly defined and not hang out left to right.
Exercise # 6. Sit on a chair, knees lock the ball between the legs. Rapid movements crush him for a minute. Exercise do 3-4 times a day.
Well pump up and buttocks and leg exercises with a rope. Every day, pay exercises at least 15 minutes, and the results will follow.
With time pursuits, do not forget about strict diet. Eat healthy and less high-calorie foods, especially that summer allows. More drink water (without gas) and tea. It would be better if you create your own power that is consumed at the appointed time. Also less drink alcohol and smoke.
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