Как избежать обезвоживания организма летомКак избежать обезвоживания организма летом
In summer it is very important to regularly and properly compensate the necessary volume of water in the body, because she regularly goes with sweat in the heat and during exercise. How to drink the liquid in the summer, to prevent dehydration, and that recommended by specialists?

Drink only water

No juices, kvass and tea are not able to saturate the body with moisture better than plain water. Dairy products are perishable and therefore, their use is not recommended, but the sweet tea and coffee only give the extra calories and increase blood sugar level. Drink sparkling water or add herbs or lemon juice.

Do not wait to want to drink

If you feel strong thirst, then that is a sign of dehydration. To such a state it is better not to bring and drink every hour glass of water. Also remember that the day should start with a glass of boiled water of room temperature with lemon or honey so the body quickly wakes up and improve metabolism. If you’re overweight, diabetes and kidney diseases, consult with your doctor about a schedule of reception of liquid.
Drink portions

Experts do not recommend at one time drinking plenty of water. Better to do it little by little and often, than in one gulp suck litre of liquid. Otherwise, you can load the kidneys, heart and blood vessels so that they are hard to cope with its excretion from the body.

Add salt to the water

With sweat from the body displayed sodium. Therefore, on 1 l of water, add 1 tsp salt, this mixture will allow to normalize water-salt metabolism.

Eat liquid food, vegetables and fruits

Doctors recommend heat eat more foods containing liquid. For example, cherry, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelons, melons, celery, raspberry, radish, apples for a long time to nourish the body moisture, slowly перевариваясь.

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