Как избежать пересыхания кожи в самолетеКак избежать пересыхания кожи в самолете
Most of us prefer to travel by plane, because it is fast, comfortable, convenient. However, the flights, even short, there is a reverse side of the medals – they are very desiccate the skin. For women who are accustomed to look perfect in any situation is a serious problem. WANT to know how to solve it.
When going on vacation, we’re very excited about those emotions that will bring us to leave. Mood appears already in the plane, but clouded by the discomfort that may occur after a few minutes after takeoff. The skin of the face, lips and mucous membranes of eyes and nose strongly dry up, you can experience itching, peeling and redness. This is due to the technical features of the flight itself.
People feel comfortable with humidity of 50-60%, on Board of the aircraft it is only 15%. Dry air in a plane very noticeable, and our body evaporates moisture invisible to us. Therefore occurs so quickly drying of the skin and mucous membranes. Adds discomfort and also atmospheric pressure on Board an aircraft, which affects the tone of the skin and its elasticity. We have enough to think about how seriously these factors affect our body. If you are travelling on vacation, you quickly rebounded, because positive emotions block the uncomfortable sensations after the flight. However, there are women who immediately after the plane ride at negotiations, business meetings or other events, where the need to look presentable.
To avoid drying out the skin in the plane, you should follow certain basic rules. A day before the flight apply a good moisturizing mask. It saturates skin with useful components, which a long way in the skin cells and help them to recover after the dry air in the cabin. Feel free to also apply the mask during the long flight. Even if the neighbors look with conviction, your task – to preserve the health and beauty of skin. Can use quick mask, which is enough to put on for 2-3 minutes. Many brands offer them in a convenient tubes that you can bring on Board. An hour after takeoff, clean hands to apply the mask on your face and then wipe it dry with a cloth. Wipe the skin moisturizing tonic or use thermal water. Then apply a moisturizer. It is important to remember about the limitation in the amount of liquids that you can have in your hand Luggage. Advance purchase travel set, which consists of miniatures tonic, face masks and creams in acceptable quantities or pour and to shift care products in small cans and bottles.
If you do not want to or cannot do such care procedures on Board the aircraft and your flight is just over an hour, worry about your own skin home – apply a moisturizer before exiting. Do not have time at home, do not hesitate to wipe the face tonic and apply a moisturizer in the airport bathroom for a few minutes before the departure. Let the views of those around you are not confused. In the end, it’s your face and responsibility for the condition of the skin rests entirely with you.
Do not forget to use moisturizing and nourishing balms and creams on the lips and hands, they are also drying up.
Drink lots of water on the plane. If you can’t resist a Cup of coffee or a glass of wine, be sure to fulfill a need moisture loss a glass of plain water after these drinks, because they also have a very strong influence on the organism dehydration. Eat fruit, but from the salty nuts, chips and other snacks should be abandoned.
Minimize the use of decorative cosmetics or does not apply makeup. He adds the uncomfortable sensations, because you will always apply thermal water or moisturizer, and with a dense layer of powder or tone means it is difficult and troublesome. If immediately after the flight you are waiting for business negotiations, official and important meetings, it is better to strike a light and natural make-up for a few minutes before landing.
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