Как избежать манипуляций и научиться говорить "нет"?Как избежать манипуляций и научиться говорить нет?
The fifth article in a series on How to overcome complexes and self confidence is 100% of the exercise, which will allow you to avoid manipulation and manipulators. In this exercise we will learn to say no.
If you since childhood I was forced to obey adults, got used to the fact that all for you to decide parents, praise not for the actions of, and obedience, now you can be completely devoid of independence and initiative. Like you say, a free app to her husband. But on the head. All you recommanded. You don’t understand what is equal with other not only in the responsibilities and rights.
How to achieve confidence to oppose something to the outside world?
To change this situation, you need to understand the meaning of his own personality. For this you need to appreciate yourself for all that you know how to do it.
– I’m not worse and not any other person;
– Any of the others is part of what is called humanity;
– The people surrounding me are no different from me;
– Thanks to my abilities I can find a way out of any difficult situation;
– I solve problems not worse than other people.
Surely, you know much and can do more of their friends and acquaintances, just not know about it.

Remember the main thing: your complexes can be solved!
Only work at yourself.

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