Как правильно ухаживать за грудью?And we should start with the most simple – hygiene.

After the water treatment the breast skin should be moistened using balm, body oil or cream to improve elasticity, and in adulthood to Supplement care creams with vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin a and chestnut extract for elasticity of the breast skin. Apply should be light circular movements from the bottom up, without affecting the region of the nipple.

Massage for elasticity and stretch mark prevention

Include in the care of breast massage. For this purpose you can use sea salt not too coarse. Dip a wet Terry-cloth MITT and salt in upward circular motions RUB her Breasts a couple of minutes. Enough to do exfoliation 2 times a week, thanks to him, the breast skin will become smooth.

Massage can be done with a dry brush with soft bristles, describing eight upwards around your chest for 5 minutes.Every time after the massage apply the balm.

Beautiful breast care packs provide, for example, lemon: pour into the container some cold water, add the lemon juice one lemon in a glass of water, swirl the towel and attach to the breast for a few minutes.

You can make a compress of sea salt, but the water temperature should be 37-38 With

The procedure will help to maintain the elasticity and tone of the breast skin and prevents its aging.

Cold water for hardening

After taking a shower massage the cool water stream in upward circular motions for a couple minutes, avoiding area of nipples.

The same circular motion RUB the Breasts for one minute with ice cubes, it is enough 1-2 times a week in the evenings.

Morning take a contrast shower, water chest with warm, then cold water for 30 seconds, and always finish the procedure with cold water.

Exposure to cold makes the delicate breast skin more elastic, improves blood circulation and prevents aging.

Charging for strengthening chest muscles

Female bust is composed of connective tissue, glands, fatty tissue and skin, so in order to lift and tighten need to strengthen the surrounding muscles of the chest and also the muscles of the neck and back, which will help keep chest high.

Do at least three approaches for each exercise, repeat 10-12 times and breathe normally.

If the breast is large, it is for exercise wear a special sports bra it will prevent sagging.

Exercise # 1

Stand up straight, back straight, feet together (starting position). Arms at sides to shoulder level, then do the exercise “scissors” for hands, ie bring them in front so that they crossed: the right hand passes under the left, then Vice versa. Do the exercise vigorously.

Exercise # 2

Original position also. Hands bend at the elbows — forearms should form a right angle shoulder, squeeze his hands into fists. Sharply pull the hands back, then return to its original position.

Exercise # 3

Stand up straight, face the wall approximately 50 cm Lean against the wall with hands at shoulder level. Push on wall with force, like you’re going to move it. Relax.

Exercise # 4

Stand up straight, put your hands together in front of a house and push one hand to the other, feel how tense the muscles of the chest. Relax.

Exercise # 5

Stand up straight. Raise your right arm up and your left behind your back. Connect both hands behind his back, trying to connect fingers in the lock. Stay in this position for a few seconds, and then switch hands.

Exercise # 6

Stand straight, slightly bend your elbows, and press the brush to your hips. Take your blades, try to connect the elbows behind the back. Relax, straighten the arms along the trunk.

In addition to these exercises to strengthen the chest you can do regular pushups.

To prevent possible diseases breast care should include regular inspection.With 20 years 35 years and up recommended ultrasound diagnosis every two years. After 35 years of glandular breast tissue begins to be replaced by fat and the best method of study will include mammography. After 50 years, women need to do it once a year ultrasound and mammography. After any examination the doctor, given the state of breast health, will set a date for the next appointment.

Monthly, 2-3 days after the end of menstruation do self-breast exam:

• start the inspection in front of a mirror, put your hands behind your head and pay attention to the shape or size of the mammary glands, if there are any changes;

• right hand to examine left breast and Vice versa;

• self-start with the outer side of the chest, their fingers press on his chest and simultaneously move them in a circle clockwise in the direction of the nipple, pay attention, not be felt under fingers the knots or seals;

• pay attention to the appearance of the nipple (it should not be embroiled inside), then gently press it with thumb and forefinger, see if there are any discharge, inspect the skin surrounding the nipple is whether it is pits or folds;

• visual inspection of the mammary glands swipe lying down, place the left hand under head and his right hand check the left breast and Vice versa;

• check the armpit, right hand to left armpit, then the opposite, please note that there are no seals or enlarging lymph nodes, then inspection guide lying for convenience under shoulder inspect side place a pillow.

And finally, some tips about what you don’t like women’s Breasts.

Avoid sudden weight loss, as fat tissue is broken down fairly quickly, as a result, the Breasts SAG and become flabby, lose weight slowly and naturally.

The female breast does not like direct sunlight, and the skin ages, additionally, it may lead to the development of “neoplasms”, so to sunbathe only in a swimsuit, be sure to use sunscreen.

About the choice of bra very seriously, because it is designed to support the Breasts. It is not necessary to abandon the bra even if your Breasts are small. If the Breasts are large, wear a bra a must, it unloads the spine and lifts the bust. Ask how to choose the right bra.

Remember that the breast care consists of simple and useful habits that will not only help to maintain her beauty, but most importantly, keep healthy!

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