В чем встречать Новый год 2014В чем встречать Новый год 2014
Before the New year is less than a month and it’s time to think over what to celebrate the holiday. 2014 according to the Chinese calendar is the year of the Horse. And although he comes only 31 January 2014, it just so happened that choosing an outfit for new year’s holidays, we look for a link color and style dress with the symbol of the upcoming year.

Define the color
Next year the year of wooden blue (or green), Horses. Therefore, when choosing a dress, look at the blue, turquoise, dark blue colour, and all shades of зеленого.Можно combine blue and green in one garment, and you can choose a colour, which unites them, for example, the colour of a sea wave.
It is worth saying that the blue and green colors have a specific meaning: blue, for example, brings peace and stability, it is recommended sociable people, since blue is able to calm the stormy emotions. Green is often associated with money and the acquisition of sustainability, but this color also corresponds to the spring and chakra, located at the heart level, so it activates the feelings of love and acceptance of the surrounding world.
In addition to the green, and blue, you can choose a dress, the color of which corresponds to the natural colour of the horse: black, grey, white, beige, brown, etc.

The fabric and style of dress
Horse animal graceful, free and flying, so the style of your dress should give confidence and not to hinder movement. Flying draperies, high waist and sections that highlight the beauty of feet, only welcome. The fabrics should be natural and noble.
Men better just on a new year celebration pick up the shirt is blue with light-blue or, on the contrary, dark blue tie. If you don’t like the shirt, then just replace it with a t-shirt of the same color. Your clothing should be suitable for you. Classic costume to celebrate the New year is inappropriate, therefore, better to opt for a pair of jeans.
If your plan fancy-dress party, perhaps a suit Amazon, cowboy or Indian characters, whose lifestyle is associated with the horse.

Hair styling
Hairstyle in the new year night should comply with the outfit, and not be careless. This can be direct loose hair, emphasizing the natural charm of the hostess or a ponytail hairstyle. Topical addition to the holiday together will be laying with the different variations of KOs or large curled locks. In hairstyle could weave ribbon to the color of clothing, as well as to use wooden hair pins.

Makeup and manicure
In fashion again naturalness and purity. In the make-up it is necessary to adhere pastel and coffee tones, you can also use the shadow with gold, silver, emerald green or blue sequins.
Nail relevant almond and oval form, medium and short length. French manicure, like any classic, still remained a in fashion. Do not make emphasis on pityriasis manicure. It is better to use a plain lacquer natural colors, such as beige, flesh-colored or colorless.
But do not set yourself a rigid framework. For example, if you are blonde, who chose to celebrate New year beige dress, you should emphasize the lips and fingernails with a red color. And if you chose the dress of silver-gray chiffon, the nail may be relevant black lacquer. In any case, your task is not to put yourself restrictions when choosing a new year’s image, and purchase a fun creating it.

Horse democratic creation, so when choosing jewelry for your dress, you can pay attention to how the budget minerals and precious stones shades of green: emerald, Topaz, aquamarine. As this year’s Horse corresponds to the element of wood, that is a great addition to your wardrobe will be wooden beads, bracelets or hairpins. Appropriate jewelry made of leather and suede dark and light brown colours. Pendants, pendants, brooches and earrings with a figure or an image of a horse or a horseshoe necessarily bring good luck in the New year.

Mood cannot be bought for any money. It will have to create yourself. This can help a couple of words about the coming year: the year of the Horse is a period, when the projects conceived and planned ideas finally pass to their implementation and specific cases. So for this year, the fastest pace of development of events: the race and reaching the finish line.
I WANT to wish all our readers to create new year’s image and the New year become for you the first successful project of the coming year. After all, if there is a good start, it means, will power and desire to pursue their own ideas.

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