Как выбрать хорошего массажистаКак выбрать хорошего массажиста
Massage – one of the most pleasant ways to improve your health and relax and have fun. The success of the procedure depends on the massage service. How to choose it correctly – tells WANT.
Once or several, with a need to undergo a course of massage faced each of us. It could be a correction of the spine, massage, anti-cellulite, relaxing, or any other. The main question that arose – how to find a good masseur. During the massage, you can contact in beauty salons, massage rooms, public and private health institutions. But as the practice showed, in most cases, masseur, can be found through the recommendations of your relatives and friends. In fact, when the wrong hands are responsible for the health of your body, it is better to trust it is recommended by people whose opinion is important to you.
Highly qualified therapist must have medical education and professional practice. Now many educational centres offer massage courses and even get a diploma, or certificate, which is recognized outside of Ukraine. It is possible that these courses will visit the people with true vocation and their arms, as they say, from God. Taking the decision to speak to people who have completed only a 3 week massage courses, you assume the responsibility for the further risk.

A qualified specialist will be happy to show you diplomas, awards, certificates, certificate of participation in various practices, trainings and seminars. A good therapist should know well the anatomy and physiological characteristics of an organism, to understand the structure of the skin and types of tissues, know the topography of the body, especially the part that you need to heal and recover. In addition, the therapist should distinguish a painful condition of the tissues and organs of the body from the norm, not to exacerbate the situation and do not harm your health.
As a rule, many masseuses offer a first trial procedure get in free or with substantial discounts. During a session, be very attentive to your emotions and feelings. Literally – listen to your body. You should feel the warmth of it, light and weightless, improvement of the whole organism, restoration of the tone, the feeling of physical and emotional satisfaction. The hand of the master should make friends with your body. Exploring it, he must demonstrate their excellent knowledge of пальпаторной technique. This ability to feel separate muscle or group of muscles, tendons and ligaments to the touch, recognize the swelling of tissues, define muscle tone and location of the main and important beams vessels and nerve endings.
If suddenly, after a trial massage you feel weakness, fatigue, pain, discomfort, irritability, discomfort, dizziness, palpitation of the heart, then most likely you will have to continue looking for a masseur. There are a number of techniques and tests, questions and situational models, knowing that, you can distinguish between the good master of the poor. It is noteworthy that the share them themselves masseurs.

So, checking the qualifications of masters, tell him that you have a hernia. It is a direct contraindications to massage, so if he still proceeds to the – leave the office, salon, or tell me where to door if you invited the master to yourself. To a good therapist is usually difficult to enroll immediately, because of the long queues of clients. This is a good indicator that tells about the demand wizard. However, it is best to verify the information, because many who are engaged in private practice, can just get excited by self-PR and artificially create image and image of the busy professional.
Experienced and competent therapist starting a session, be sure to ask about the reasons why you wanted to go to him to ask for medical help, direction, indications and regulations. Before the massage always ask about the reasons for which you come to it, the presence of medical indications and regulations. He immediately explains what kind of massage will do what effect it will cause what’s the effect. This is important at the stage of establishing contact, trust and mutual understanding with you.

A good masseur never say that it works one hand is better than the other. He has masterfully use two hands. A good massage therapist must practise one, maximum two types of massage, that is to be узкоквалифицированным specialist. All the techniques to know in perfection is impossible. He never write you without the prior examination and especially over the phone. Nor does it say that you need to strictly 10 or 13 procedures, because every body is unique and one to solve it takes 5 procedures, and another -10 or even 20.
And most importantly – make sure the reaction of your body the touch. Say that as soon as we we touch someone – we pass the message. Watch positive in these tactile messages. After massage – this is a huge exchange of energy and often it is effective when you fully trust the hands of man, the master. In trust and in enjoying massages lies the success of your physical and emotional health.
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