Как выбрать средство по уходу за областью декольте?Как выбрать средство по уходу за областью декольте?
Every woman dreams to her Breasts as long as possible retain seductive shape and elasticity. Because cleavage causes so much gazes of. To preserve the beauty of the bust is possible if properly care for him.
Although cleavage is not limited to the area of the breast. It is attributed to the neck and she, as well as hands, gives the age of the woman. If and at 30 and 35 years of your bust resilient, and neck skin tender and smooth – thanks genetics and nature. However, our material is for those women who are beginning to think in advance about how to prolong youth of the skin, not only relying on the nature.
To chest remained firm and elastic, it is useful to use special means. Today any cosmetic brand, representing their products in the segment of skin care and body offers a variety of means on care of a skin of the breast and neck. Of them the most effective creams, supporting the elasticity of the skin of the breast, as well as providing her a good level of hydration.
One of the reasons for the loss of elasticity of the skin in the neck can be the reduction or lack of estrogen, the female sex hormone, which controls the process of development of the gland. If the composition of the ingredients of the formula of the cream is chosen correctly, this medication is capable to harmonize internal processes and to restore the elasticity of forms and smoothness of the skin. The effect of the cream is applied to the chest. Phytoestrogen gives a signal to the cells and the skin starts to produce new fibers of elastin and collagen. For this reason, when choosing a cream for the bust, pay attention to the contents of the cream of natural phytoestrogens.
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Childbirth, breastfeeding can also lead to loss of elasticity. Buying products for the care of the area of the chest and neck, pay attention to the notes – whether their use during pregnancy, after giving birth and while breastfeeding.
Good tonic for the bust has a sufficiently dense, rich, but also very delicate texture and pleasant, unobtrusive aroma. Although now many brands specially for hot time of the year produce light emulsions, lotions and gels. They are well absorbed, leave no sticky feeling, not falling on the skin, giving a sense of comfort, and most importantly effective.
Effective cream that make Breasts firmer, should contain specific active substances, that tighten and compress the skin, provides a lifting effect, strengthen the functioning of cells and strengthens collagen skin frame from the bottom of the chin to the chest. As a rule, successfully established brands, when you create the formula of the product, create patent or even several of these active substances. They are the exclusive developments, their know-how, the highlight of the formula and the fact that forces you to make a choice in favor of this brand.
It is also important to remember that many cosmetologists recommend to keep creams for the bust in a cool place. To get them, you must do it before you apply on the skin, but be sure before use slightly warm in my hands. Any funds for the breast and neck should be applied very gentle, smooth, light massage movements. The skin in these areas is very delicate, vulnerable and sensitive to the slightest touch. The main directions of the majority of the massage movements to the neck from the chest to your chin. To bust each brand offers its special application technique were drawn and described in the instructions means.
Effect of the application of strengthening and modeling creams that are able to restore the elasticity of the chest, as well as means of prolonging the beauty of the skin of the neck, you can see an average of 2-3 weeks. Importantly, after reaching the desired effect, not to stop and to continue regularly and correctly use cosmetics for area of a decollete.

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