Как подобрать идеальную площадку для свадьбы?Как подобрать идеальную площадку для свадьбы?
Choice of the place of celebration of the marriage is not easy, requiring careful approach and a conscious decision, because the parameters and characteristics of the site largely depends on the orientation and content of the celebration. The choice is quite large, and today I’ll tell you how not to get lost in the multitude of options and find the best place of celebration for your wedding.
Perhaps you should start with a description of the possible types of sites. We can distinguish several groups: restaurants, Banquet halls, hotels, holiday complexes and restaurants, the residence and closed clubs (tennis, Golf clubs), open areas, unusual places (roofs, penthouses, yachts). In a separate category stands to make a wedding abroad, as there are places of celebration can be even more diverse. Agree that the list is sufficient.
First of all, the choice of the place of celebration of the influences of the year in which it is planned wedding. In the summer I would recommend to pay attention to outdoor areas, such as the summer terrace or pontoon, tent or even a field, wood. Well, in the cold, of course, it is better to choose a private room, where all will be warm and cozy.
But, let’s return to the selection criteria.
First of all, pay attention to the capacity of the room. Here I advise you not to rely on what he says, the administrator of the restaurant, and all consult with the organizer of the wedding. Because the administrator cares primarily about how to actually place the necessary number of guests and, as a rule, does not take into consideration that you must also place for the stage musical and technical equipment, live entertainment and dancing.
Interior this is also an important factor when choosing a place of celebration. Of course, the possibility of designers today are endless, and if desired, any place can be turned into a fabulous, but the question is, how much it will cost and how long it will take for reincarnation. Much easier to choose a site that will, if not identical, at least not in contrast with the chosen concept, to facilitate the work of the decorators and save money.

The presence of designated for the ceremony. If according to the scenario envisaged exit ceremony, it is necessary to consider, where appropriate just to hold her, and whether there is a place for that. My advice to you – if the premise of the restaurant or Banquet hall does not allow to realize your plan, do not rush in to despair, perhaps ceremony can be performed on the streets or even in another place in the city. It may be even more touching and romantic.
Staff. Perhaps you never meant to, but from the level of service at the wedding, much depends. In addition to the professionalism in General, the skill of dishes, it is also important that the administration, the waiters, the staff of the dishes were prepared for the fact that during the holiday is subject to change and are able to react promptly. Pliancy and flexibility are a sign of professionalism and ability to work as a team.
Kitchen. I think there’s nothing to comment. If the restaurant food is not tasty, what would be interesting not had a program hungry or not satisfied treats guests unlikely to remain very satisfied. Feed the guests at the wedding should be well. It is a fact.

Furniture in the restaurant. Though it is not a fundamental factor in the choice, but to pay attention to him. If the furniture you don’t like, there are companies that provide its lease. Ideally, it must conform to the chosen concept and the picture you was thinking about my wedding.
I also worth a look Parking and how it is large, comfortable whether locations and how easy will explain guests driving, there is nearby hotel, where you can accommodate guests from other cities.
Now you know what criteria should guide the choice of the place of celebration of the wedding. But before you act independently, ask advice from a Manager of a wedding, because he knows all the alternatives and will be able to find the perfect option for your holiday.
Always yours, Sasha Дергоусова
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