Как правильно выбрать отель для отдыха?Как правильно выбрать отель для отдыха?
We make our own rest is not so often as we would like, therefore, when planning your vacation, try to think through every detail to bring home a lot of new and pleasant emotions. The main question to which you want to thoroughly go: How to choose the right hotel for holidays?. About this talk.
Often we focus on the star-hotel: 5 stars, then holiday will be held on the highest level and should pay a significant amount for such pleasure. And what is our disappointment, when entering the hotel, we see a very different picture, that we were of reviews on the Internet or from friends or from the advice of a travel Manager. It is for this reason independently choose a place to stay, based on your wishes and preferences.
To clearly determine the choice of the hotel, decide to start with the answer to the following questions:
Active or passive rest? If you want more go on excursions, walks on city hotel you want purely for the night, so special requirements you to anything.
Vacation with children? Here not argue with: rest with children implies a set of conventions. It’s important for parents to choose the hotel that could be interesting for the child: a games room, pool for children, where they will be cared staff/animators, comfortable beaches.
Relax with your family or friends? There are special family-type hotels, where you can spend time in peace and tranquility. Starting out with friends, better on site should be entertainment and merry and loud vacationers.
Food in the hotel? The answer to this question will depend on price and comfort.
Your budget? Once you decide on the amount, more than half of the options can weed out.
Hotel for business? Absolutely need a hotel with meeting room, possibility of connection Wi-Fi, meeting rooms and institutions without plastic furniture and utensils, not to blush before partners, and the location of the hotel in the city, so you can easily get to the right place.
General information about the hotels
In order to properly define the hotel, you need to know terms and special reductions that occur in the description of hotels. So you can feel secure that’s what and what you pay money.

Type of placement:
Single-SGL – single use
Double-DBL – double occupancy (one double bed)
Twin-TWN – double occupancy (two single beds)
DBL+EX.BED(extra bed)- double accommodation with the presence of one double bed and one extra. It is necessary to clarify what will be an additional sleeping place: normal bed or a folding sofa.
Triple-TRPL – triple accommodation: the two main beds, one fixed, maybe rollaway bed. This room is, as a rule, for three adults, as a rule, these rooms accommodated three adults.
There is another type of accommodation, which is not frequent, but still: Run of house – R.O.H. accommodation hotel is on the fact arrival. Here its advantages: the price of the rooms is very low, below the standard you would not be discharged, and if you’re lucky, can settle in the penthouse.
Type of rooms
STD (standard) – standard rooms.guests some hotels of this type are called deluxe.
Superior – slightly better standard.
Suite – номериз two rooms.
Family room – family room for 4 persons and more.
Executive room with high comfort. Often his book бизнемены.
BGL, BG, Villа, Village (bungalow)- Bungalow, separate from the main корпусадомики.
Type of food
BB (Bed and breakfast)- includes only Breakfast.
HB (half board)- Board. Inhe includes Breakfast and dinner (buffet), free tea/coffee, water for Breakfast. Alcoholic drinks are paid by you.
FB (full board)- full Board. This includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet style, drinks for lunch and dinner pay.
ALL, Al (all inclusive)- favorite all-inclusive. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet). Then you and afternoon tea, snacks, desserts and even barbecue. The price includes alcoholic drinks only local production.
UAL, UAI (ultra all inclusive)the same thing and all inclusive in the price are included alcoholic drinks and even imported.
RO(room only), BO( bed only), AO (accommodation only) вообщебез power at all.

Classification of hotels:
Hotel 6* and 7*- these hotels you will find only the UAE: all in gilt, with helipads, huge tennis courts and other Royal terms.
Hotel 5* is a place where all your desires must be done almost immediately, because the money for a good comfort you paid a lot. Here you will find beds with orthopedic mattresses, plasma TV, refrigerator, mini bar, bathrooms with telephones, Wi-Fi, a fitness center, SPA. Also provides round the clock service of a hairdresser and Laundry service, possibility to order food from the restaurant.
Hotel 4* is almost the same as in the 5*, only the territory of the hotel complex can be used for much less. The rooms are smaller in its area, tennis courts and swimming pools. The luxury of this hotel class does not promise, but comfortable you provided.
Hotels 3*, 2*, 1* – purely to sleep. Here you can not promise, but also a corresponding payment. In rooms furniture minimum, no frills. Although in Europe 3* * * hotels you will even be a decent option, where you can relax and have a good time.
Do not be lazy also search online for reviews on this hotel, or ask around friends.
Also before you book a hotel, check unimportant details:
Is there a doctor?
Entrance into the water. Sand or stone? Pier?
Are there any repairs near the hotel?
Is there a Shuttle service?
Estimated hour of arrival and departure?
What services the hotel? Which of them pay?
Is it safe to be all alone outside the hotel?
Common mistakes when choosing a hotel:
Allow to impose on yourself the hotel that offer travel agents.
Not have a distinct concepts which need a holiday
Fully trust the reviews of friends or Network users.
Internet resources: How to choose the right hotel for holidays?

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