Как выбрать нужный размер купальникаКак выбрать нужный размер купальника
Well, what a holiday without a beautiful swimsuit that will emphasize the advantages of your figure and will help them feel confident and sexy on the beach? In our article we will tell you how to choose the model according to its type, shape and not to miscalculate the size.
First, determine what type of holiday you prefer. Need a swimsuit sports where you can play beach volleyball and other active games. Need a swimsuit, which opens a maximum of the body, for the sunburn, or decorative with брошками top and rings, you will combine with beach decorations.
With the model defined, the further we choose the size. Top swimsuit choose, of course, corresponding to the amount of the breast: if the model screen, make your choice much easier; if underwire top, with push-up, you need to choose more carefully: to model too not пережимала, chest does not fall out of cups, straps not penetrate the skin, so it won’t cause discomfort and the most important thing was safe for your health. Pull the body of this error. It is known that the constant wearing tight bras can lead to health problems. Besides, too dense linen only creates unnecessary folds in the problem areas of the body.
To understand the size you need the help of a simple table sizes. Also included are the dimensions of the models swimwear Victotia”s Secret, which are now very popular, due to its great variety of models goods. The first table is specified in inches, so just multiply by 2.54 see

Size swimsuit bottoms must be chosen according to their model. That is, if melting on the ties on thin elastics ( typically, this model is ruched), with утягивающими inserts or model retro bikini, choose a size. Bottom knotted you can control yourself, when you was a little recovered, or Vice versa: the weight. Control models and models with a high waist must fit tightly on the figure: without pinching the body and not be free.
If the melting of the classical model, without additional inserts, such variants is better to take on the bigger size. Anyway, fabric over time, stretched, and you risk after two-three weeks of vacation get melting on the size and a half more.

If you choose swimwear fused, here we must take into account the correlation of its growth and parameters. As a rule, are of double marking: size swimsuit and volume of the bowl, and are inclusive growth 167-170 see Therefore, if you are above, select the model of the larger size.
Now we define the model swimsuit type shape:
Body shape oval
The best swimsuit model, as underwear, high melting, bust on bones. Should not be prints and fine artwork. The best choice will be a solid swimsuit with a small gatherings.
Type of rectangle shape
In this case, the most important for you to visually emphasize the waist. Separate bathing suit must go with high bottoms visually increase the size of the hips, the model is ruched bust and swimming trunks. A great option will Monokini ( model with the notches on the sides of the waist).
Type hourglass figure
For owners of this piece suit swimwear absolutely all models bikini, bandeau, swimwear sports models.
Body shape triangle
The best way to suit swimsuit trunks with variegated colours, prints and patterns and bust neutral color, without unnecessary details and ornaments.
Body shape diamond
Fit swimwear tankini ( model top and bottoms), with additional утяжками in the area of problem areas or all models of continuous swimwear.

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