Как правильно общаться с мужчинойКак правильно общаться с мужчиной
In a Kingdom there lived a king-Emperor, and he had three sons. And as in a fairy tale effect, the eldest son married the daughter of the boyar, the middle son married the daughter of a merchant, Jr., Ivan-tzarevich, found his bride Princess-Frog bog.

That’s about a young family of Ivan Tsarevich and Tsarevna-frog and will legend our.

The beauty of the written Vasilisa the Beautiful envy the Wicked Sorceress, and turned the girl into a frog. Vasilisa turned into a frog in the afternoon and in the evening was a girl-a beauty.

After the wedding, the frog Princess turned to the Witch:

– Turn me into a girl forever. One ought not married lady frog be.

– Learn to be the wise Princess, ” said the Witch, and will always be the girl.

How to become wise, the Witch is not explained, and Vasilisa realized that only experimentally, it is possible to understand, to feel on her frog skin.

Day Vasilisa, being in the frog’s skin, to have an intelligent conversation could not only kVA, Yes kVA, know yourself, croaks. And Ivan-Tsarevitch and do not understand, what does it mean to croak.

Sometimes, early in the morning (girl being beautiful) will ask hubby for the water to go, and hubby forget, and leave Reign-Государствовать.

First, the frog Princess angrily croaks: Oh, you so-and-so, I forgot! I asked! As to me, in the frog’s skin, to bring water and lunch you do? All morning so angrily and проквакает with a bad mood.

Day calmly saying: Well, here comes my Prince, hungry sit on the bench will wait until the food is cooked. But why? He himself is to blame! We had water in the morning to bring in.

Closer to the evening recalls that the likes of Ivan Tsarevich, in spite of everything: how can I bring the water? I love it, though don’t know why I have it. And take the pitcher, and go frog to the river to bring water, Yes сготовит food.

And when the girl-beautiful Vasilisa the Beautiful turn, when it encounters a mate, feed, fill, anger, not at all. Then shall the Princess quietly ear: my dear Prince! Bring some water in the morning!

And remember Ivan-Tsarevitch that today the promise was not fulfilled, and it would be a shame. Hug his wife and промолвит: What is you’re so lovely, Василисушка!

And joyful at the heart of the maiden will be. And rejoice that day with anger only croak could.

Dear women, nature has created a Daughter all-wise (and even more Beautiful). Let’s act like a king in any situation!

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