Как определить характер мужчины по ушам?Как определить характер мужчины по ушам?
Japanese физиогномисты focus on the study of the ears. It is this part of the head, from their point of view, the most reveals a person’s character. The ear is divided into: upper bezel, medium, the inner and the lobe. What can tell each of these parts?
Pale misshapen ears indicate bad conditions of life. Large ears sign of bad character, and too little to say about man’s inner conflict. The inner ring indicates emotions and feelings. The discreet people he stretched, and quick-tempered slightly выпячен.
Fuzzy, badly executed earflap indicates an unbalanced person, prone to mood swings and constant doubts. Long and elongated earlobes sign of carelessness, but few are expressed against the head of the evidence about excessive scrupulous person.
The most favorable pink color ears. Exactly should look ears healthy, happy person. Dim or bluish tint, pallor of the ear or a mole inside, indicates a hidden illness.
Position of ears on the head of one of the most important factors. You can tell the intellect of their owner. Ears located above the level of the brows issue of the intellectual. If the top line of the ear is at the eye level of mental abilities of a human medium. In General, the lower the ear is relative to the line of the eyebrows, the незатейливее its owner.
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