Как избавиться от трещин на пятках?Как избавиться от трещин на пятках?
To the feet of the summer drawn the most attention. Well-groomed feet, neat heels and toes – everything must be under control. However, the cracks on the heels avoid the sometimes very difficult. WANT to know how to help you solve the problem.
The reasons of occurrence of cracks on the heels of very different. Synthetic socks and uncomfortable, tight and poor-quality footwear autumn and winter.
In the summer cracks appear just because of wearing open shoes. At blows by feet on the sole even thick skin on the heels thins and gradually crack. Heat, dust, dirt only aggravate the situation.

Even a pleasant time spent at the beach can lead to the appearance of cracks. From sea water, heat and sand skin is very sensitive, dry and begins to crack. Cracks on heels can also be caused by fungal disease (mycosis of the foot). It can pick up in the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, beauty salon and other public places. In serious cases, be sure to study the scraping of leather and a consultation with a dermatologist.

We can tell you how to effectively, simply and quickly to fight with cracks on heels at home.
Therapeutic baths for the feet

To help get rid of dry and cracks on the heels. Fit, such medicinal herbs, chamomile, sage, calendula. Brew chosen herbal and let simmer for 20 minutes. Then pour the broth in a basin of hot water and попарьте legs. The procedure duration is no less than 20 minutes. Herbs have a smooth, regenerating and healing effect.
After you slightly softened skin, heel, you must process the brush foot or by regular pumice. After the exfoliation of the legs need to rinse with cool water and to wipe dry. At the end of the procedure would apply on the skin of the feet and heels moisturizing, nourishing or soothing cream and wear cotton socks. They can be removed after an hour or two, and if the procedure you do before going to sleep, it is better to leave it on over night.
Procedure to make sure you spend 2 times a week, then keep the result is once a week.

Moisturize and soften the rough skin on the heels. You can use the bow. Pre-legs should be well steam out. Finely chopped onion, pour vegetable oil or olive and bring to a boil. Let the mixture cool and apply a slightly warm solution at the thick cloth or fabric. Apply compresses to the heels. Wrap feet polyethylene film or packages and wear socks made of natural fabrics. Leave compress should be on all night. Seven such procedures can restore your skin on the heels.
For quick results heels on the night simply lubricated with honey, and then wrap feet polyethylene film or packages, and from top to wear socks. In the morning the remains of the compress rinse with warm water.
Well заживит cracks mixture of vodka, glycerin and vinegar. Take 100 gr these ingredients, mix well, and moisten a piece of natural fabrics in this solution. Attach to the heels, and on top, put plastic bags, or wrap the legs with plastic wrap. Leave for the night, in the morning wipe the heel warm water.

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