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< class="news_open" readability="6.1267293134952"> Как сохранить красивые ноги - советы врачейThe feet contain a small amount of sebaceous glands, but there is enough sweat. These features cause the main problems of the foot dry and sweating. The constant pressure of shoes, the goods of the body impairs blood circulation. As a result, the appearance of calluses. Proper foot care will help to avoid this. Important points are the choice comfortable shoes, leg exercises, therapeutic baths, compresses, massage. Good action has contrasting dousing with water. Foot baths cleanse the skin, help remove fatigue, improve blood circulation. Nice and useful herbal foot baths. To 1 liter of herbal decoction, add 2 liters of water. Take a bath for 15-20 minutes. Water should not be hot. A variety of herbs allows you to make the best choice. To strengthen the skin desirable bath of chamomile extract, linseed seed. For tired feet, suitable decoction of nettle, sage. The formation of cracks and dry heels is useful bath with calendula, St. John’s wort. For sweating of the feet – will help bath with a decoction of oak bark. When drying on the heels can cause cracks. In this case, the invaluable assistance will potatoes. To prepare the bath you need to boil potato peelings and half a Cup of flax seed in 0.5 liter of water. In the resulting slurry lower legs for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse and brush with cream. The best means to maintain youthful skin-provided by nature. The selection here is generous. Rough skin heels can be mitigated by making a poultice of fresh tomatoes. Miraculous effect will have a honey wrap. Oiled honey skin heels, to wrap up the cabbage leaf, put on cotton socks overnight. Tones and revitalizes the skin massage. Best natural massage, walking barefoot on nature and home. Use every opportunity to spend a holiday in nature. In addition, it will harden and strengthen the entire body. And well manicured feet and improve overall health. Internet resources: How to keep nice legs – medical advice

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