Как научиться любить себяКак научиться любить себя
Beautiful manicures, slim figure, gorgeous makeup, these factors show that you love yourself? How to distinguish a real sense from a fake? What is the difference between the true love of ourselves and voluntary implementation of the conditional requirements under the name of a Modern woman?
How to understand that constantly самосовершенствуясь, inspired by the ideal, and to be good with respect to loved ones, you have not changed yourself beyond recognition?
How to develop love to yourself?
1. Say There is that you really don’t like.
Be all good, at least, is inefficient.
2. Please respect your choice.
Fluctuations between the two decisions will not lead to a good outcome in any of them. Doubt take power. If you decide to go to the end.
3. Stop comparing ourselves with others – with more successful, rich, beautiful.
When you notice such thoughts can say to myself, you and me – we are the same the creation of the Universe. Thus equate themselves and Superman. See, that he, the same as you with their fears and problems.
4. Learn how to ask and even to ask what you need.
People may not read your thoughts, even if you are charmingly smiling and hint that you want. Sometimes you need to persevere. And if you offer to independently take. Forget the phrase Yes I do not need anything. You want to? So it is necessary!
5. To be beautiful is a pleasure, not a duty.
Take care of yourself, your body, refresh the closet and have fun.
6. Invest time in itself.
You are the most valuable thing you have. Allow yourself, if you wanted to, an hour afternoon NAP or read a female affair. You this time not spent in vain, and invested it in himself.
7. Accept yourself with merits and demerits.
What are your negative qualities? What drawbacks you know, that is even worse than yours? Now, now, finally, understand that you are the best woman in the world, which has the right to be what he wants.
8. Forgive yourself for being inadequate himself loved.
Everyone can make a mistake, but not necessarily bear its mark. Release the actions, thoughts, resentment, frustration, which left an unpleasant aftertaste. Sorry for the lack of attention and care of themselves.
Often we put the desires of others above their own. Because it is loved by people who sincerely wish you happiness. But you are the closest to a person and, first of all, think about yourself. If you are happy, your family will be happy too. Learn how to become happy.
Love is the luxury of being yourself. You can afford it!
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