Как похудеть после беременности и родовКак похудеть после беременности и родов
Gain weight during pregnancy – it is natural. It must be, and worse, if you do not do that. But there is a huge difference in gaining the weight of your baby, or you раздуваетесь to enormous sizes.

Naturally, it is best to avoid extreme weight gain, both in conception and during the pregnancy itself. But even if you score more than 20 kg, that’s no reason to get discouraged. It is more difficult when a set of extra kilo is associated with hormonal failure of the body. In this case it is necessary to consult with specialists, not to hurt yourself even more.
Otherwise, you need to take yourself in hand and slowly but surely return to form. It is slow because any extreme diets post-Natal care, especially breast-feeding period, strictly contraindicated. The body already under a lot of stress. Moreover, only a slow slimming gives long lasting results.

In this case, in a more advantageous position are exactly breastfeeding mothers. Pediatricians recommend to feed newborn breast milk at least 6 months. This time period and should be used, as the program’s first stage on the way to harmony. Diet, which must adhere to a nursing woman, contains less fat. Under the strict prohibition includes all flour products, sugar, fast food in General, anything that is harmful and what we gain extra pounds. The incentive of this diet is a huge no mommy don’t want her baby was bad. Therefore, adherence to power nursing mothers can be quite long.

That you can:

– meat except pork and chicken (the latter is a strong allergen);
– fish, except for fatty varieties;
– cereal porridge, except the manna;
– vegetable soups;
– dairy products with low fat content;
– herbal tea (chamomile, lemon balm);
– cranberry;
– compote of dried fruits;
– green apples.

With regard to fruit and vegetables, the opinions regarding their rationality enter into a diet of a breastfeeding woman is ambiguous. But what specifically are not going to get better for sure. So here the decision is made individually.
Anything you cook, should be subject to minimum thermal processing that is to be boiled or steamed. For this purpose it is expedient to get a steamer or a pressure cooker.
When this diet weight will go slowly, because the need to eat often, but gradually. But the result of this diet is undeniable good complexion and slim figure provided!
The second part of the program of transformation into a harmonious DOE sport. Of course, you can and should recommend to the sessions in the gym. But, as a rule, people rarely immediately after birth rushing there. New life full of worries about the crumbs, pushing fitness classes on the second plan. But there is another, quite good, and most importantly effective way, not to part with sports.
All moms with навороженными children most of your day to spend on the street, walking around with a sidecar. Now it is the long Hiking is the best promote weight loss. It is important not just relaxed walk enjoying the singing of the birds or the first snowflakes. Although it is sometimes necessary. But in our case, one should go pretty quick, even better complicated routing, for example, up the hill. Given that you are still and pushing a stroller, the effect will be for sure. This is a full cardio training. But to walk so need 30-60 minutes, otherwise, the result will be minimum.
If weight loss after pregnancy is your main goal, you can buy a baby carriage for running (Jogging). With such a stroller mommy can even wear roller skates! Fun and sports!

Add home exercise for the abs, the minimum beauty treatments for the skin (skin peeling, moisturizing, if possible, wrap) and you’ll see how changes your body! You will be proud of yourself, moreover – you will be proud of your man. And remember to enjoy motherhood better fit!

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