Как похудеть без таблеток?Как похудеть без таблеток?
We know so many diets and diet pills that sometimes find it difficult to choose and find a safe way to lose weight. If you haven’t found a way to give shape to order, and to tablets you treat very skeptically, we offer a number of psychological methods and rules of nutrition that will help you get the desired result.
To begin with, you need motivation. Tune yourself to the fact that you have to be to lose weight, inner spirit is very important. Enjoy visualization: many think about what a harmonious and beautiful you become in a short time, what comfort and love yourself you start to feel what beautiful new clothes to gain.
Do not look for quick weight loss methods as a rule, they are not effective and after you quickly go back to the same weight category. Change the habit in your daily diet and more exercise. Physical load speed up your metabolism and contribute to the development of enzymes in the body that are involved in the breakdown of fats.
Eat as soon as you feel hungry. The faster you satisfies the likelihood of overeating will be much less. Get rid of the habit to eat before a meal should take place exclusively at the table. So you begin to feel hungry only in those places, where are used to eat food.
Think more about the quality of food than about calories but in calculating them is a need to work correctly. The daily norm of 2300 kcal, while you exercise and a lot of moving around. Remember that calories are divided into simple and the complex. Complex calories leave for Breakfast and lunch, simple for dinner.
Eliminate from your diet 3 product group: sugar(and all that it contains sugar, pasta, potatoes in these products contain high levels of carbohydrates. You can add refined products, гидрогенизированнные oil. Type in your diet fiber, which AIDS digestion and promotes healing stomach.
Never hurry while eating relax and calm down, that the food is better absorbed by the body. Eat slowly, chew food. Our saliva contains an enzyme amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates, and, accordingly, the level of sugar in the blood. Thus you stop overeating and improve their health.
Pay special attention to such products:
Grapefruit burns fat around the waist, and if to combine the use of fresh juice of grapefruit with exercises on the press, you will quickly get a great result.
Cinnamon improves metabolism. Add tasty seasoning in coffee, apples, pears, chocolate, cheese dishes and poultry dishes.
Boiled meat excellent source of protein. If there are extra deposits on hips, arms and back, include in your daily diet of 100 g boiled meat.
Water the easiest fat burner and liquid, get rid of cellulite. A day is enough to drink 2 to 2.5 litres of clean water or green or Jasmine tea.
Kefir helps the intestine, so if you want to improve the shape in General terms, drink 2-3 cups of yogurt a day. Also make kefir fasting days.
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