Как правильно делать массаж косметическим льдом?Как правильно делать массаж косметическим льдом?
Massage cosmetic ice – procedure, it is available in the home. For it will need: a towel, a basin of hot water and frozen ice cubes.
Start the massage with the training. Towel dipped in hot water, quickly press, straighten and put on their face. Fabric should cover the cheeks, forehead, nose and neck. When the towel cools down, remove it and make a massage. To start promassiruyte an ice cube wrinkles the skin along the wrinkles hold with the index and middle fingers of the left hand, so she moved. Then mash with a piece of ice all face. Do it in a circular motion and make sure that not overcooled water massed lot. Upon completion of the procedure, on the face again impose a hot compress of towels, rinse your face with cold water and grease fat cream.
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At enlarged pores and oily skin is best used for ice infusion horsetail. For dry and irritated skin lime ice. Tablespoon dry lime color is brewed Cup of boiling water, cooled and frozen. If you use a facial cleanser lime ice in the morning, you can avoid skin chapping and protect your face from the sun.
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