Как сделать голливудский макияж?Every woman is unique and inimitable. She changes clothes, images, mood and the world around them. Be new, different, to be able to fascinate and may each of us.

I WANT to gives you another experiment – makeup in the style of Hollywood stars. At first sight it seems, that make this makeup is very simple. A priori it should be bright, festive and exciting. However, in his technique has its own quirks, the rules and nuances. Following them, you can create a new image, open your new face and without the risk of the appearance of impropriety and vulgar with a rich and heavy makeup.
The main rule in the Hollywood make-up, the eyes must be very bright and expressive, juicy lips and flawless complexion.

Hollywood tone
First, you create the perfect basis. The same rule is true for a natural look. With the help of a special big brush gently and evenly distribute the face Foundation, not forgetting well shaded his temples, near the hair line and on the border of the oval of the face and neck. For such make-up perfectly suitable tool with reflective particles, which visually make the skin smooth, radiant and smooth. A Foundation is better to choose natural and earthy tones, which are the most similar with your skin tone. So you will give a person expressiveness and charm.
Hollywood eyebrows
Using a black, chocolate or graphite-color pencil emphasize the natural line of the eyebrows. An important rule to the line of the eyebrows and lip line harmonically. For example, if the lips curved eyebrows also necessary to bend, and Vice versa – if the lip makeup is made in soft technology – line of the eyebrows also should take a calm.
Hollywood eyes
They are the main favorites in a Hollywood make-up, they are the main focus. Good dark, deep and rich shades of shadows – black, graphite, chocolate, green, gray, blue, Indigo, violet. They should make out the outer corner of the eyes or складочку, which is formed between the movable century and подбровным space century. Carefully and properly cured dark shadows, give the gaze of velvet, intrigue and mystery. Rich shades well complement the warm Golden, cold silver or any other flickering shadows. Importantly, do not forget – bright shadow, well distributing needs to be applied on the inner corner of the eyelids and подбровное space. This will help open the eyes. In the technique of Hollywood eye makeup relevant arrow. You can use eyeliner or pencils. A variety of arrow – elegant, sharp and thin, soft, smooth and wide, add view of brightness, and the eye like open, making it more interesting form. In your eyes want to look not looking up and not being distracted by what is happening around.
Complete your perfect eyes mascara effet, mascara or lengthening. The choice depends on the condition of your cilia. They have to be painted well, densely, but gently. Hollywood makeup artists love to use false eyelashes. You can also take advantage of their advice. Cut the selected eyelashes in size and stick to the upper eyelid along the lash. Can use beams of eyelashes on the external corners of the eyes.

Hollywood lips and blush

Color blush should be chosen to suit your skin type. Area applying powder is selected in accordance with a face oval. For example, Megan Fox, whose impeccable shape of the face, does not hide, that strives for it with the help of correction. Brown tone it deals under the cheekbones, giving the face a more narrow, and the cheekbones are slightly lifts. Pink blush on the apples of the cheeks give the face a fresh look.
To give lips, draw a contour lip pencil neutral tint, then apply a light matte lipstick or simply powder the lips. Then cover lip gloss gold, beige, peach, caramel or pink shade. This technique makeup lips applies if you have focused on the eyes. If the eye makeup you were limited to a graceful or bright arrow and one-two shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, you can take take bright red, cherry or crimson shade, preferably without nacre, a Mat, or a creamy texture. Apply lipstick preferably with a brush, so you cover the lips evenly, and the make-up will make a harmonious and orderly.
To you faster started to experiment on your way – our pictures. Inspired!
омаду need to take a bright red color, without nacre, a creamy texture. Lipstick put on the lips with a brush. A similar makeup does not require the use of lip gloss. Copied from the site: http://www.medmoon.ru/krasota/
Lipstick need to take a bright red color, without nacre, a creamy texture. Lipstick put on the lips with a brush. A similar makeup does not require the use of lip gloss. Copied from the site: http://www.medmoon.ru/krasota/

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