Как сделать солнечные часы?Как сделать солнечные часы?
Sundial not only adorn your garden, but will help you at any time to determine the time. However, working hours only on clear days. In cloudy weather bright spot in the garden will simply raise your mood.
For the manufacture of watches will need: outdoor solar garden cover from barrels or large flat earthenware dish (you can take the tray from a large flower pot), rope, silicone sealant, colour decorative gravel, glass pebbles, gravel, seashells, colored sand, paint over the rust (if you use the lid of a barrel, the wooden peg, cloistered from one end of a pencil.

The lid of the barrel paint paint over the rust. A clay bowl ready to use without pre-treatment. Mark pencil 12 equal sectors prepared on the cover. In the center vertically glue arrow. It can be manufactured, imprisoning from one end of the half cuttings from a shovel. Then cut the rope on 12 lines and glue them using silicone sealant on a pencil markings. Ropes will serve as a cushion for different sectors. Hours actually ready, we have to install them in the selected location of the garden and fall asleep in each sector colored stones, shells, pebbles, all that you see fit. If you have animals at home, it would be useful to paste stuffing sectors sealant to your Pets not dragging away the hours around the garden.
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