Как сделать ягодицы упругимиКак сделать ягодицы упругими
The question almost every self-respecting girl – how to make her buttocks elastic. In this article I’ll tell you what, how and when to do so in the shortest time you saw a positive result.

The first thing you need to know and should know: rounded and firm ass more often, not just a gift of nature, namely the hard work on oneself, regular exercise and control your diet. Gluteal muscle is one of the biggest in the body and need to be good with her work, so that was a spectacular result.

Let’s start with the training. A fitness Studio, a gym, a video on YouTube, charging on TV or фотоупражнения in the journal. The essence is one: you tell and show how to do the exercises, techniques, duration, etc. But there are a few tricks that will help you from the very beginning of your training.

There are only a couple of exercises that will efficiently work zone fifth point. Main: squats, lunges and walking my ass. And now about the tricks.

Squats and lunges always do like between your buttocks constantly squeezed coin 5 kopecks, that is, squeezing them, that there are forces. It gives the chance to the muscles to be in a high tone and cannot relax even for a second. Explain why this is necessary: to Popa round, gluteal muscles should be in good shape and are constantly increasing in size (I am talking about muscle. Don’t worry, flung it becomes, it is not as easy as it seems), and without sufficient loads muscle growth will be very slow or not at all.

Another technique that will make your squats correct. Imagine that for you at a distance of 40-50 cm stool stood knee – (a very important moment not below!) and you need her to sit down. This trick gives the chance to observe the correct technique of performing squats. If in the bottom position you feel that almost every day from slightly back and socks stop lifted from the floor, then you do everything right. An important point! Remember about the coin between the buttocks, just be sure to pop does not fall below the knees, the back is very direct. Knees should not go beyond the toes of the foot.

A couple of thoughts about выпадах. In order that worked exactly buttock, to do a very deep lunges. Ideally, when attacks front the support leg is bent at the right angle, and the back straight and not bent at the knee. If you will do a deep lunges feel the tension in the front of the thighs, and not in the buttock.
The trick in выпадах. When you do yourself an attack, they find themselves in the bottom position донапрягай his gluteal muscle. That is, when the front right leg донапрягай left buttock and Vice versa. So you strengthen the effect of this exercise.

The third exercise walking on the butt. Well, everything is very simple. The smoother the back, the better. The more you go, the effect more. Starting position: legs straight, bend my knees, a sock. Went forward 1 meter, then back, and so 10 times. Use as a warm-up before a squats and lunges. For a hitch will work fine too.
Will continue to power. I will not go into the wisdom of нутрилогии, but remember forever: prevents have an elastic ass: flour, sweets, fast court, fried, smoked. Promotes beautiful body: lean fish and meat, fresh vegetables, berries and fruit, 3 liters of water a day. Soar, cook, bake.

The appearance of the priests can say a lot about what kind of lifestyle leads girl. It’s not that she can have three children, no time, too tired, genetics, correctly food is expensive and so on, most Often it is banal laziness. Do not be lazy and love yourself, you won’t notice how quickly will change everything, and the figure including.

You success in this task!

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