Как познакомиться с парнем на пляже?Как познакомиться с парнем на пляже?
In this heat only salvation is to retire on the beach in the cool water for a good relax. It is in these moments you can unexpectedly find their love, which is the same as you are here to find salvation in a hot day. Enough of you courage to approach his passion on the beach? First, you need to get rid of doubt and armed with some advice.
What to do: go to him first, or every possible way try to attract his attention? First, look to him, it may be that this is not exactly the one you currently need.
If determined to be acquainted with him, the first approach is not worth it. Not like our guys sentence like: let’s get acquainted or simply are afraid initiative girls. The best way is to correctly draw attention to themselves. More you stay near water – do not hide under the umbrella if he is an athlete, join the volleyball game and not be afraid don’t know how to play, you just first try their strength in this game. Your soulmate is resting near you? Ask him to look after your things while you’re in the water or start a conversation, asking where you can eat or where to go in the evening to relax.
Small note: before you think about your strategy, make sure that your chosen one no pair of women’s Slippers, otherwise jealous girlfriend can too emotionally respond to the intrusion of her boyfriend.
Correctly attune yourself. Womens thoughts on what’s figure necessarily something wrong, he will высмотрит some шрамик marks on the body will become a serious obstacle for a pleasant acquaintance. Act feminine, easy, all kind of show that you enjoy your holiday and life. Carelessness and ease very attracted to men, for them is the girl is more to the conversation and acquaintance.

Talk to the guy on simple themes. Immediately do not try to show off your erudition and talk about the books that I read. You rest your body on vacation, soul and your head. Talk about the weather, as it is obvious, about music, about how good time. You can, make unobtrusive compliment about his tan and sports figure. Here already precisely start up a conversation he gladly tell you about his passion for a sport.
Choosing the beach reading, прихвати something from the genre of easy reading. A detective novel or erotic story love the guy appreciate that you can spend their time, and at the same time receives the theme for the beginning of your casual conversation.
‘t show on the beach, its bad habits, if, of course, you have. Going to the guy after the second drunk you a bottle of beer, believe me: he immediately tries from you ignore it. Did you ask him for a lighter, and when there’s a conversation between the case say that smoke only occasionally.
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