Как правильно попросить прощения: совет психологаКак правильно попросить прощения: совет психолога
When a man apologizes, he recognizes his imperfection. This is one of the reasons why is it sometimes so hard to apologize. We’re just afraid that I have to admit this imperfection of others, as there will not respect and record it to the losers. Do not go on about fear!
He who ask forgiveness, not suspect you in weakness. Moreover, if you really were wrong. On the contrary. The ability to apologize for their mistake characterizes the people as a strong, independent and capable to bear responsibility for their actions.
Another fear that prevents say sorry, for fear that the other party will be uncompromising, and the attempt to establish a relationship will grow into another scandal. It should take into account two positive aspects: first, whatever it was, sorry, you get rid of the guilt that’s not enough; and, secondly, it is important to choose the right moment to bring their apologies.
By how easily you forgive close, you can easily judge how well you know them. After all, someone easier to immediately make peace after a quarrel, and someone has to cool slightly.
You can always declare your apology, without going into details. Perhaps you can help one of similar phrases: Sorry, I was wrong. Let’s talk about it later, when you want, or Excuse me, please. I didn’t want to hurt you.
Don’t be afraid to apologize and don’t forget to forgive yourself for the mistakes. It happens to everyone?!
Internet resources: How to properly ask for forgiveness: a Council of psychologist

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