Как правильно сочетать цвета в одежде?Knowledge of colors and shades, the ability to properly use and combine it is a whole science. When preparing the image almost every girl has doubts, fearing to make a mistake and choose not compatible with each other colors in clothing.

Basic color scheme

Scientists цветоведы, to help the people of art, have developed a system tables and the establishment of harmonious pairs of colors and shades. No work on the creation of a clothes collection goes by without a careful study of color compositions. And we will share this knowledge with you.
Color has a huge impact on a person. With the help of colors you can affect the mood and their surrounding, their reaction, impressions and opinions of all this is possible if you understand all of the principles perfect combination of colors.
So, let us discuss the basic scheme compatibility of colors and shades. This will help you wisely be the image of three, four and even five colors.
Range of gradation of colors from saturated to pale. Separation of cold and warm.

Everybody knows that the entire range is built on three main colors are yellow, blue and red, and then go derived from their mixing. If we take 50% of the two main colors, we get three main derivatives colors: purple, orange and green. Change the percentage and get new colors.
There are three main principles of color combinations: monochromatic, complementary and триадическое.
Monochromatic combination of this combination in a suit different shades of the same color, from the very dark and saturated to the light and pastel. Combine in their way of all shades favorite color, for example: from pale green to deep emerald, or from the dark бардового and pale pink. Such a scheme in practice looks though simple, but elegant enough. That the outfit was not uniform, add a neutral color (black, white, grey), or try playing around with textured fabrics.
Complementary combination of these options for the combination of colors on the principle of contrast. Orange and blue, purple and yellow, green and red are the most popular contrasting color pair. Such combinations are suitable brave people do, they create a dynamic and immediately catch the eye. A delicious example of the complimentary combination in nature is a bed with strawberries. You can pick and more peaceful contrasting combination of modest: pale pink with light-green or blue with peach.
Триадическое combination is three colors are equidistant from each other in the color circle. This scheme creates a clear visual contrast, but at the same time color full harmony with each other.
The basic scheme of a combination of the three primary colors (yellow, red, blue);
Secondary scheme combination of three derivatives colors (purple, orange, green);
Tertiary scheme combination of tertiary colors, they are made by mixing the primary colors with derivative (red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-violet, violet-red).
There is also an achromatic combination here as primary colors are black, white and grey. These colors are perfectly combined with each other and with all the colors and shades of the spectrum. In this way you can easily arrange the bright colour accents: brooch, scarf, decoration, bag or shoes. This option is suitable for each, plus you never miss with a choice.
In addition we will tell a few rules when selecting and combining colors:
– when choosing colors, remember: it is not recommended to combine warm and cold shades. Especially strictly to this rule is if one color of light, and the other is dark;
– if you select 3 or more colors, focus on one color, and let others are optional;
– if you want to draw attention to some part of the body, and the disadvantages hide, then select bright and saturated color for the first and nondescript dark for a second;
– гармоничо, if the image will be only one dark color, otherwise it will seem to be dark and heavy.
Table color combinations

And lastly, laws and regulations are important, of course, but sometimes all the same it is necessary to trust your intuition and inner voice.

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