Как защитить кожу летомКак защитить кожу летом
In the summer heat, heat and stuffiness affect the skin worst way. About how to protect her and don’t let it fade, tells WANT.
First of all, before the sun, apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.
Very carefully clean the skin morning and evening use scrubs, masks, take into antioxidants.
Use moisturizers that support normal lipid layer of the skin.
Avoid powder and tonal resources in favor of mineral powder, not забивающей pores.
Clean the skin ferry, opening the pores and removing impurities. Owing to this method, pimples disappear, resulting from contamination of the skin.
Practice this improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism.
Drink more fluids, not giving the cells de-watered.
Internet resources: How to protect your skin in summer

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