Как уберечь себя от ЗППП в отпускеКак уберечь себя от ЗППП в отпуске
On vacation I want to rest and relax, have fun and positive emotions. Not to spoil your impression about the trip, preferably in advance about how to protect yourself from STDs on vacation.
These four letters mean something that many people try to avoid, but not all do it. STDs, sexually transmitted diseases, there are currently more than 30 starting from the deadly HIV infection, ending with a simple, at first glance chlamydia. Statistics stubbornly and persistently not the first year in a row argues that in the CIS chlamydia takes the second place on popularity after the influenza virus.
Unfortunately, not all STIs are curable. For example, removing the symptoms of genital herpes only mitigates the course of the disease, but to get rid of it forever impossible. And cure human papilloma virus (HPV). It can not only those who are younger than 25, and because HPV is the cause of the cervix, vagina, vulva and penis.
STI treatment will be effective, if you start it on time. Listen carefully to your situation and your feelings. You should see a doctor if you feel:
– itching, burning, cramps in the intimate area,
– irritation and redness in the genital area and anal, it can also be sores, blisters, bumps,
– unusual genital discharge, odor, pain in the abdomen,
– frequent and painful urination, spotting between the main days of the cycle,
– enlarged lymph nodes, especially in the groin area,
– pain in the vagina,
– discomfort during sexual intercourse.
Protect yourself from STDs you can, if you have a permanent sexual partner, he is healthy and you regularly обследуетесь and are observed by the gynecologist.
If you are on a holiday, enjoy your stay and all the pleasures of life, it is important that during every sexual intercourse your partner correct use of condom, choosing a quality and a properly sized. Observe personal hygiene rules and requires it to your partner. Do not forget that STDs are also transmitted through oral and anal intercourse.
So regular protection from STIs during a vacation this protection. And do not forget that there have been cases where STDs are transmitted and everyday life. Do not use others ‘ towels and let’s not be wiped his wipe the toilet seat or use disposable wipes, which are offered in special machines.
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