Как накачать пресс за неделю в домашних условиях?Как накачать пресс за неделю в домашних условиях?
Access to the beach in a bikini often becomes a problem for girls: after the long winter, at the waist, as a rule, appear extra centimeters, and in the summer they keep pantyhose and bulky sweaters. If this problem is topical for you, please read our material, such as seven days to pump up press at home.
Sports, calculated on a weight loss, be sure to start with proper nutrition. So before our exercises, type in your diet foods that promote fat burning at the waist. You get a great result for a short time and in addition, improve your metabolism.
Not necessary to follow a special diet your diet should be rich and have a high energy value, so that the body has always been the strength training. Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions, using the following products:
Seafood reduce stress hormone levels. Bad mood you are used to bind the sweets and harmful food, which are the inveterate enemies of the slender waist. Besides fish healthy organism, due to the high content of omega-3, vitamins A, D, E, F, iron and bromine.
Olive oil cleanses the body and supplies it with useful substances. Nutritionists recommend it every morning drinking one teaspoon of oil, to improve the work of the body.
Boiled meat – source of protein that helps your vital activity. Daily cook for yourself meat (or chicken) and eat small portions throughout the day.
Oranges. Nutritionists say that an adequate level of vitamin C strengthens muscles. Daily drink 2-3 orange, or replace the kiwi fruit.
Bread contrary to stereotypes and promotes weight loss in the waist. Only his choice must be treated carefully: buy whole wheat bread, bran, flour.
Go to the training. Here, as in the feed, as well need the regime. The week is a minimum period of time to get rid of stomach and hips, so make the schedule of the exercises according to your schedule. To help myself can use this table. Every day in six approaches download press (classic method).

Dilute their classes, you can exercise from a personal trainer American singer Pink, whose strong press, of course, is impressive.
Exercise # 1. Make a lunge right leg and stretch forward with the hand, if you raise from the floor. Repeat 3-4 times, lay hands on the back of the head and turn upper body to the left side. After the change legs exercises for 30 seconds on each side.
Exercise # 2. Grab a sports weight of 3-4 kg Raise your hands above your head and make a circular motion. Do 20 laps in one direction.
Exercise # 3. In one hand, take the weight and do exercises like flip it up. Repeat 10-15 times, then change direction.
Exercise # 4. In one hand hold the weight and make a lunge towards the right, lowering the weight to the floor (but not entirely). Returning to the former position, bend your right leg. Repeat 20 times, then change direction.
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