Как облегчить климакс в домашних условияхКак облегчить климакс в домашних условиях
The word menopause plunges into depression, and boredom. This period in the life of the female body is not without consequences. I WANT to tell you how to alleviate the symptoms of menopause in the home and continue to enjoy life.
In the period of climax rebuilt the entire organism,its most important system – nervous, hormonal, endocrine, metabolic, the work of cardiovascular system, reduces libido and begins to develop osteoporosis. These changes are reflected both the appearance and behavior of women, as well as its mood and well-being.
The woman’s skin loses its smoothness and elasticity and healthy tone. It became thin, sensitive, deeper wrinkles and down the tone of the skin tissue. As a result of oval and contours are floating, you may be swelling in the morning and evening.
In the mood women increasingly beginning to appear irritability and nervousness, his abrupt changes and variations. Followed by unpleasant sensations physiological nature – chronic fatigue, drowsiness or insomnia. Menstrual cycle begins to stray around, and then stops at all.
In this moment everything depends on the strength of character to women. Menopause many partake worthily and continue to enjoy life and to enjoy every day. Some are very tired, emotionally and withdraw into themselves, increasingly fall into apathy, depression and every day хандрят. Everything depends on us and the desire to change that causes us discomfort.

I WANT to tell you how to relieve menopause at home, improve and correct the condition of the skin, improve mood, normalize blood pressure and regain harmony of body and soul.
Start using lifting products for the face. They adjust to the contours of the shape of the face and to improve the line of the chin and cheekbones. Creams, serums, fluids and masks for the neck and neckline should become your constant care products. Don’t forget to change the cream under eyes on a more active and effective, which will fight with deeper wrinkles. And enter the treatment program products that solve the problem of pigmentation. Three steps of the correct and balanced care you must comply with the still – purification; toning; hydration (refer nutrition and protection) of the skin.
Watch out for food. Reduce the consumption of spices, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Drink plenty of plain water, herbal teas, infusions and decoctions. All the food is desirable to cool to body temperature – 36 or 37 degrees. Too hot drinks and meals provoke tides and exacerbate poor health. The diet should be high in protein and mineral substances, and also soybean, which normalizes the overall condition of the body and cardiovascular system. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and sour-milk products. Last compensate for a lack of calcium in the body. Enter into a diet of vegetable oils, particularly olive and rapeseed, as they contain vitamin of youth – Is, Very important to take a multivitamin, they will strengthen the body and to fill in the deficit of the important elements necessary for its normal functioning.

Try to avoid stress what would a feat as it is. Get rid of synthetic clothes, wear things made of natural fabrics, so the skin to breathe easier.
Many experts recommend keep a diary of the tides, that will help you keep track of the time of their occurrence, duration, and your own feelings at this moment. Psychologists also recommend that in the days of the tides relax as much as possible and try to avoid stressful situations. Such observation own body will help you easily migrate a thermal failure. Controlling the frequency of the tides will also help vitamin E. the Recommended dose is 2 pills a day and 400 IU daily for a month. Then 3 months break and repeat reception.

Ease the symptoms of menopause help and folk remedies
Red Voronet that taking tablets or capsules 2-4 times a day. It reduces the contractions of the uterus and the number of tides, relieves muscle pain and spasms.

Abraham tree, dry the fruits of which is brewed, drawn and take twice a day for 1/2 tsp

Damian, dry leaves of this tree perform the function of antidepressants. Enough to take on the 100-150 mg / day, with a frequency of 2-3 days a week.
Dandelion, tincture of roots, leaves and flowers help to normalize the functioning of the hormonal system of an organism.

Angelica officinalis, effective in reducing the symptoms that appear as a result of the decline in the level of the hormone estrogen. The recommended dose is 1 capsule or 1 tablet 2 times a day.

Хамелириум лютеум, produced in the form of capsules, and tincture. Take recommended) 1 times a day. The tool facilitates the painful symptoms of menopause, and it is actively used in the treatment of uterus and ovaries.

Ginkgo, its leaves improve brain functioning and saturate water with oxygen to all cells of the body. Available in the form of capsules, tablets and tinctures, very effectively in memory disorders, a change of mood symptoms of depression.

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