Как убрать живот за неделю без тренировок : ТОП-5 советовExcess belly fat does not paint even the most attractive woman. Wasp waist and good press ideal that attracts men. As for evil, when we gain extra weight, they are primarily not accumulate on the butt and Breasts, namely on the sides and belly. When the dress ceased to emphasize the seductive curves, the time to act. To remove belly fat you can even for a week without painful exercises in the gym.

Quick ways to get rid of belly without exercise


Ground coffee just mix with warm water to make a paste, and which should be applied to the abdomen. The top should be wrapped with cling film and wrap yourself with a warm blanket. The time of the procedure from 10 to 20 minutes. Also, instead of coffee, you can use the honey-mustard mixture. The mixture is prepared by adding honey, mustard powder. For the first procedure, it is recommended to take the minimum amount and gradually increase during subsequent wraps. Very interesting method — wrap slimming belly at night usual food film.

Slimming massage

You can buy a home massager for belly or massage yourself a deep tingling. It would be nice to resemble a professional massage for the stomach, which removes deep subcutaneous fat.

Cleaning from the inside

Over time, the intestine starts to accumulate a large number of different toxins. They can accumulate there for years, increasing the volume of the stomach. Because the body, protecting internal organs from toxins, creates abdominal water-fat layer. To get rid of slagging, many have resorted to the use of cleansing enemas, lavage of the digestive tract.

Get rid of bloating

In order not to swallow excess air, don’t talk while eating, do not swallow nepoemanie pieces, don’t drink too greedily and not cedite drinks through a straw. Smoking is also better to quit. From swelling will help herbal teas with chamomile, peppermint, hot water with lemon, parsley, dill seed, ginger, foods with probiotics.

Eat new

Minimize consumption of salt, which retains soda in the body. Drink more, to prevent constipation and prevent stagnation of food. Note that the excess of carbohydrates leads to fluid retention, excess protein the bloating, fats inhibit the digestion. Be sure to enter fiber in your diet. Eat small portions, but often not to stretch the stomach. Any carbonated drinks lead to bloating, which increases the stomach.

Through this intensive you will be able to lose per week 3-4 pounds and reduce the waist by 3-4 inches. Another great way to remove belly fat is regular sex in a pose rider. Use and fun — two in one!

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