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< class="news_open" readability="6.3438633804579"> Как ускорить обмен веществ - советы для похуденияPeople with fast metabolism usually have fewer problems with excess weight. If you have such problems and you are sure that they are caused by a slow metabolism, try to speed it up. This can be done with a simple and very humane methods. Estimating the speed of metabolism usually mean metabolism at rest – when the body uses calories exclusively on providing its core functions. Breathing, maintaining body temperature, internal organs, cell regeneration – it is these processes that account for 70% of our daily energy expenditure. That is, most of the energy we spend, literally, not moving her finger. The assertion that all people with more weight have a slow metabolism, it is not always true: in fact, the more muscle mass and heavier bones, the more they need energy. The difference in metabolic rate of two people of the same sex and age may be 25%. The fastest metabolism in teenagers, then its intensity begins to decline roughly 3% per year. How to speed up metabolism? Close to lunch Studies show if you start the day with a healthy Breakfast, the metabolism is accelerated by about 10%. Disclaimer Breakfast gives the opposite effect, the metabolism will NAP until you eat. The use of hot spices is believed that products such as mustard and chili, is able within three hours to support metabolic processes at the level of almost one and a half times larger than normal. This is because hot spices contain a substance that causes the release of adrenaline and accelerated heartbeat. But it doesn’t mean you get too carried away fire-breathing dishes to Indian or Asian cuisine. Not every body could take it. Spicy foods should first and foremost be healthy and useful for the organism, then it will work. Drinking green tea This wonderful drink not only helps to fight fatigue, regulate cholesterol and sugar levels, but 4% speeds up metabolism. Scientists believe that this is due to the high concentration of catechins, which in green tea more than black. These antioxidants increase the process of fat oxidation and thermogenesis (production of body heat to maintain normal body temperature and functioning of its systems). In simple terms, they help to burn fat. There is seaweed At us, except that they occur in the form of food supplements. But Japanese, Chinese, Greenland Eskimos for centuries feeding on algae, which is rich in iodine, stimulates the thyroid gland. And she, in turn, controls the metabolism. People who take the algae even in the form of supplements is usually easier and faster to lose weight. The alternative to this exotic product can serve our own Apple cider vinegar – it is also considered to be a stimulant of metabolism that is due to similar effects on the thyroid. Have ginger Since ancient times ginger was attributed to the tonic properties. In our time it received scientific confirmation. A study conducted by British scientists has shown that regular consumption of ginger makes the body more actively expend energy. Relax in the sauna or steam room Metabolism accelerates when you expose yourself to high temperatures, because the body must expend energy to stay cool. When cooling energy is needed to generate additional heat. But unfortunately, receiving ice baths and ice swimming attract many, you need to have a strong character and good health. Sports sports – the fastest and most effective way to spur metabolism. This is partly due to the fact that the more muscle you have, the higher metabolism. On the muscles of the body spends almost five times more energy than fat tissue. Train your muscles, and your metabolism will finish the rest for you. Active exercise is good and the fact that they speed up the heart rate. During and for several hours after exercise and the intensity of energy expenditure maintained at a high level. So, exercising on a stationary bike or doing strength exercises, you become slimmer, but your metabolism aktiviziruyutsya. Internet resources: How to boost your metabolism – tips for weight loss

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