Как отучить ребенка спать с родителямиКак отучить ребенка спать с родителями
Small children sleeping with parents are very touching and sweet. There is a special and good energy in this picture. However, psychologists recommend allow similar to a certain age.
Wean the child to bed with parents is a complex process, but necessary. According to the recommendations from WANT, you can easily survive with your baby.
The most important thing is to prepare the child the lack of physical contact with her mother during sleep. It’s hard, but it will have to do for the benefit of you and your child. Gradually bring in the bed of his favourite soft toy and put between themselves and the child.
Put the baby’s crib near your, to your absence caused the child’s state of stress. First, place it near your, but within a few weeks gradually pushes farther.
Try and force yourself to stay calm, when a child is naughty, and you are tired and forces no longer be tolerated. Children are very subtly feel your mood.
If your child is already 5 years old, give it to yourself to choose a crib. Emotions and preferences of the child when deciding minimize the stress now that he will sleep without you.
Offer that now the baby will sleep himself, in a playful manner. Arrange a small party, buy baby favorite treat to the resettlement process in a separate cot was associated by the kid with the most pleasant and positive emotions.
Minimize the activity of a child before bedtime. Thus you will be able to calmly put him to bed one.
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