HUP: 14 of the rules, how to choose, flared jeans for summer-2013

So popular today, flared jeans were invented not hippies, although it is the «flower children» and made the silhouette known to the whole world. The first in the history of fashion, flared jeans and put sailors in the beginning of XIX century. And the fast-changing fashion and quickly насаждающаяся culture hippies in the late 60s and early 70s made these jeans as his symbol. Those who in this age wanted to go his way and live, wore loose shirts with bright drawings, flared jeans, Roma beads and flowing hair, protesting against the political and social conflicts in конформистском society. Once the passions calmed down, flared jeans became just clothes, which is now more commonly worn by women than men.

Ракель Уэлч, 1967 год Raquel Welch, 1967 Джинсы-клеш в 70-е годы -Flared jeans in the 70s

Мишель Мерсье, 1970 год Michelle Mercier, 1970 Реклама джинсов-клеш, 1974 год Advertising flared jeans, 1974

Бриджит Бaрдо, 1967 год Brigitte Bardot, 1967 Фара Фоссет – икона стиля 70-х годов Headlight Фоссет – style icon of the 70s

What to wear, flared jeans? 

-Flared jeans are perfect for women who prefer conservative style, and young girls, seeking a combination of original.

If denim allowed within your office dress code, then, flared jeans to wear to work with blouses, shirts or tops buttoned, tucked under jeans.

If you go to the sick of the palsy, hippie style, wear, flared jeans with tunics or free top with embroidery. Do not forget to observe the proportions and pick up to the jeans flare such top, width would harmonize with a width of themselves jeans.

To visually look taller and slimmer, flared jeans wear only with heels or on the platform.

To the maximum lengthen your legs, in this model are looking for long jeans, which are almost fully closed shoes. In no case do not roll them up, flared jeans, if they don’t fit your size.

If the jeans are too broad then when walking you will feel uncomfortable.

Try to pick up, flared jeans only clearly on the increase, especially if the flare is provided from the tribe.

Etoile Isabel Marant Etoile Isabel Marant Gucci Gucci

MiH Jeans MiH Jeans Frame Denim Frame Denim

-Flared jeans from the hip 

Extending from the hip jeans recommended for full of girls and women, with the figure of the type «Pear», because their line A-line silhouette with gradual expansion to the bottom visually extends shape and makes thigh not so wide.

-Flared jeans from the hip with low rise reduce growth, therefore it is extremely disadvantageous for non-standard types of figures.

-Flared jeans with high waist help you to remove a small tummy, especially if they are made of fairly tight denim.

To make hip smaller in size, choose only, flared jeans with small pockets and buttons, front and rear, and not wear them with a wide belt.

Mulberry Mulberry Gap Gap

Armani Jeans Armani Jeans Topshop Topshop

-Flared jeans from the tribe of 

-Flared jeans from the tribe are intended not to hide the roundness of your hips, and to явнее to demonstrate. The more your hips need additional amount as in the case with the sporty type Rectangle shapes, and the figure of the type «Inverted triangle» with narrow hips and large Breasts, the wider and more must be flared from the knees and the higher should be the waist on your jeans.

The girl with the type of shape «Hourglass,» and is pronounced hips can pick up for themselves, flared jeans with easy enlargement below the knee and the standard landing on the hips.

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney Current/Elliott Current/Elliott

Conleys Conleys Mango Mango

Short-flared jeans 

This model flared jeans fit only high girls with athletic, slender figure. Cropped jeans flare even in the presence of shoes with heels are not lengthen the legs, so stunted girls, they are contraindicated. Such jeans stylish look with open shoes, emphasizing the graceful ankle.

A Wear A Wear J. Brand J. Brand

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