Я что-то упустила?! Почему возраст все-таки важен или правда ли 30 новые 20?

I missed out something?! Why age is still important or is it true 30 20 new?

Society is getting younger, and not realize is just not wise. Yesterday’s carefree and uncompromising teenagers grow up in the same carefree and uncompromising adults and in the pursuit of pleasure of life completely refuse to grow older. And this applies not only to those to whom the twenties, but for those thirty, forty… even age and does not exist, but there is a time and it is not waiting.

Сегодня 20, а завтра уже 30 - слишком быстро! Today, 20, and 30 tomorrow – too fast!

Timeless Hollywood 

Examples of celebrities the best examples of this, as is now fashionable to prolong youth and postpone all significant decisions on the third dozen or even further. In 20 years is the time to act in serials, advertising soda, meet with the bad boys and show off in explicit poses on the cover of men’s magazines. In 30 years, you might as well go to the movies, pose for billboards with perfume, and start a family, and to the red carpet look quite as 20-year-old, face and shape to tweak with the help of a medical intervention. But not everybody is equally lucky right in the 30s record at his own expense and career rise, and new perfect figure, and happy motherhood.

Вот это и называется - идеальная семья! This is the ideal family!

As the facts show, when the emergency call does not come all the rescue services at once, you have to agree to the adoption affair with a fitness instructor and modest role in the walk-through comedies, continuing still to smile from the covers of magazines in a bikini, because back in the designer dress you still are the 20!

На работу, как на показ мод - это наш девиз! To work as a fashion that is our motto!

What is dangerous is to wait up to 30 years? 

Nobody claims that the third ten life ends, on the contrary, it begins a new cycle, but this is not the continuation of the turbulent 20 years, and a completely different Chapter. Together with the knowledge of life and their place in it, which, like a miracle waiting for all the 20-year-olds in 30 years, another comes, and a sense of comfort, which should now be beside you everywhere: at work, at home, in the car, on holiday, away. A clear idea of HOW to LIVE, came over the past years, you демобилизует and, like a good Secretary in the reception office, spends his hand, puts on a comfortable leather sofa, pours you a Cup of coffee (black only, free of grease cream and certainly without sugar) and includes the favorite channel.

Сахарная вата - с тобой не расстанусь никогда! Cotton-candy – you are not part ever!

After 30 years you often deal with the concepts of «your» and «alien», choosing a salad with the same seriousness of the far-sighted, and that the elect on the evening, and rarely agree on adventure, rushes on the edge of the world and the night under the stars rather spend at his dacha than in Arizona, Grand Canyon, considering what kind of headache you will receive a visa and looking for a babysitter for your child.

Милый, не забывай - помыть, покормить и в магазин! Honey, don’t forget to wash, feed and in the shop!

Why now? 

On the one hand, «don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today», on the other – a time for everything. To live in pleasure at any age is excellent, especially if you do occasionally glance at the clock. American psychologist Meg Jay compares people aged 20 aircraft, only that the departing airport: immediately after take-off they may slightly change course and not to land in Alaska, and on Fiji. What does it mean?

Девушка, а девушка.... Girl and girl….

This means that the first few years of your career after University will determine how you will work in the future. This means that the most difficult life problems as, for example, change of profession or place of residence, will be easier to solve exactly the 20-something while you’re mobile, free, full of ambitions and devoid of prejudice.

Ах, дети...нет, нет они с мужем! Oh, children…no, no she and her husband!

This means that harsh statistics says that most women are met his future partner to 30 years. But all this does not mean that in more than 20 of his life into the endless race for the boxes in your list, and in more than 30 despair and lose hope. This means that you need here and now teach yourself sharply get up and do what you want. Just here at this moment. Until you have entered in your «comfort zone», you won’t be so afraid of sudden movements, and therefore will not be afraid to leave some boring work, throw boyfriend whom you have no future, or even start from scratch with a new life.

Дорогой, я ухожу от тебя! Dear, I’ll leave you!

Grow up not scary, scary not to grow up and until you are 22, 26, 29, and then 35 years, to put off their life tomorrow expecting a miracle all by itself will be solved.» Can be resolved, and it may happen, it goes when you put things in 15 minutes prior to departure to airport: three leotard and the mountain of useless lotions with him, but the phone charger and a toothbrush forgotten.

Детство не должно заканчиваться НИКОГДА! Childhood should not end EVER!

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