В августе ожидается пик сексуальной активности

Sociologists from great Britain conducted a survey on request of the manufacturer sex toy company Lovehoney, which showed that the number of sex among stable couples in August, higher than in any other month of the year.

In General, the summer actively encourages men and women to indulge in amorous pleasures, although it has always been assumed that the maximum of sex falls on winter months with the long nights, when most people spend a lot of time at home.

According to experts, a summer peak sex is explained by the surge in testosterone levels in men. The amount of this hormone in July person on average by 33% more than in January. It is known, the higher the level of testosterone in men, the more often they have sex.

This theory has recently confirmed by researchers from the Medical University of Graz in Austria, which found that the

men with the highest number of vitamin D and have the highest rate of testosterone in the blood.

It is known that the level of vitamin D depends on the volume of the received sunbathing, because this vitamin is produced in the organism under the influence of sunlight. But most of all the sun is exactly in the summer.

However, not only the surge of testosterone effect on the number of sex in the summer. In warm time of the year people are the minimum number of service, and it also has a very stimulating effect on both men and women.

Probably, therefore in the most romantic month of the year, February, which accounts for Valentine’s Day, people have sex less often.

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