В честь Кейт Миддлтон назвали модель пальто

It is well known that the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine, proponents of July give birth to a first child, leading to sales service, in which she appears in public. Any dress, pair of shoes or a coat immediately swept away from counters of shops. Apparently, therefore, one of the famous brands of the Italian fashion house MaxMara, decided to give the name of Kate Middleton model coat, in which the wife of Prince William once published, reports The MailOnline.

Label MaxMara known for its stylish and elegant coats, so that Kate could not ignore refined and laconic model MaxMara Studio cashmere beige with collar and a thin belt in tone, decorated with a bow.


This coat Duchess Catherine chose to visit in Cambridge in November 2012, and it is not surprising that in the shops it was soon fully sold out. In gratitude fashion house decided to re-release model, calling her”Kate”. Buy coat can be 875 pounds.

It is quite possible that soon one of the fashion houses will offer Duchess create a clothing line — for the success of the sales of her ensured in advance.

Source: 7days.ru

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