В Индии регулярный секс приравняли к браку

However, the marriage is recognized as valid only if the lovers strictly comply with certain conditions.

So, gain the status of the husband and wife will be only those couples who will have regular and, importantly, voluntary sexual relationship.

Both partners must be the age of majority. In case of parting none of them

not be able to enter into a new marriage without the permission of the other party.

A precedent was the story of the woman who filed a lawsuit against his former lover, demanding 500 rupees (about $ 10) per month on the content of their total illegitimate child. Later, the child may be evidence of the non-violent nature of sexual relations, informs Russia Today.

It is worth noting that India has great religious component of social life, and therefore premarital relations are not supported. However, now for them, too

you will be responsible comparable with the family.

In rural areas of innovation have already accepted with approval, because India is not accepted to register marriages, and this tradition was kept in the less developed regions.

By the way, in India often take quite unusual laws. In late may the court decided to recognize rape declination of a woman to have sexual relations, promising to marry.

Earlier participants of the «Shiv Sena» started handing out cold weapon at a reception held on the eve of the Mumbai attacks. They plan to distribute nearly 21 thousand knives in the Central Indian state of Maharashtra in the hope that women will be able to protect himself against the rapists.

«Just as you are slicing vegetables,

cut the hand of a man who tries before you touch»,

– instructed women representative of the local branch of the party Ajay Чодхари. According to Чодхари, an Indian woman should be carried in a handbag knife with a blade length of not less than seven centimeters.

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