В Японии новый бум - омоложение улитками

Before the procedure is performed cosmetic skin cleansing, and then the person is produced in several snails, who have the opportunity to crawl on it as it wants.

As the authors of the method, секретируемая snails slime contains a high concentration of nutrients – proteins, antioxidants, and typically used in cosmetology for rejuvenating the skin hyaluronic acid.

After exposure snail slime facial skin

becomes well hydrated, purified from dead cells.

In particular, noted the Manager of the salon Yoko Миниями (Yoko Miniami), snails help those who the skin is inflamed or damaged, for example, due to the impact of ultraviolet rays.

Now in the cabin of five snails, which kept on organic diet carrots, spinach, Swiss chard (мангольде) and Japanese salad коматзуна.

A course of rejuvenation with the help of snails costs approximately $ 243 per. Beauty also started manufacturing of creams with snail slime.

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