В Ригу приехала очередная модная красота от Васильева!

At a press conference Vasiliev arrived with his favorite Kotik, dividing the attention of the public in half with her dog, and told the audience about the peculiarities of the exhibition of the prewar and postwar fashion.

In addition, the exhibition of Vladimir Vasiliev fascinate outfits past eras, it is also important that the military fashion rarely center of the focus is often study the political component of those years.

Therefore, the audience will see how creative was the fashion in the war years in the absence of funds, materials and opportunities.

Interesting exhibits

Along with models haute couture from «Christian Dior» the exhibition includes outstanding examples of high fashion, proposed by his rivals and competitors – «Pierre Balmain», «Jacques Fath», «Jacques Griffe», «Huber de Givenchy», «Cristóbal Balenciaga, «Madame Grès» and other fashion houses.

  • The exhibition is the dress that belonged to Empress of Iran, who has lived almost 100 years, and died this year.
  • Dress that was made in Shanghai in the Studio of Alexandra Грамолиной. After Stalin’s death she returned from China in the USSR and was the chief artist of Riga house of models.
  • From видоематериала about the Latvian fashion of those years you will find out that Latvia is focused on fashion 40s. Fashion 50’s, as everywhere in the USSR, came late from behind the «iron curtain». In the video you can see how women were fashionable in the 40’s and became немодными in the 50s, when they had the means and ability to obtain the necessary logs.

Interesting facts about fashion and female appearance 40-50-ies

  • Her narrow waist 50 cm during the war, food seen infrequently and not plumper. This is due to the success of the New outfits look (chest-waist-hips) Christian Dior.
  • The less men near, the more creative fashion women, to stand out,

    easily explains this paradox historian of fashion. «To draw attention to themselves in the era of the war is difficult. That’s why

    the main tool is the woman was a red lipstick.

    It was she in the absence of dresses, hairstyles and hats could solve many problems». In turn, hats, often turbans, closed not very clean hair, which in the absence of shampoo and hot water rarely bathed.

  • Shoes that time was on the platform or wooden soles. On the road and dirt road, the broken bridge is not пощеголяешь in the elegant shoes!
  • In jewelry dominate cheap materials: wood, copper, brass, but the result is effective.
  • Fashion of the postwar period was not born at the end of the war in 1945, but in 1947, when Dior again returned into fashion New look, which impressed the men had returned from the war, истосковавшимся female silhouette. It was then began a baby boom – demographic recovery, when families were born three children.

On the website of the Museum of decorative arts and design you will soon see the video excursion with fashion historian about the exhibition.

Next year, if all goes well, Vasiliev promises to bring a fashion exhibition 70 (hippies and disco). In 2015, most likely, viewers will outfits Baroque and Rococo, «if the organizers of them splash out on a glass showcase.»

The exhibition will be available until September 29. The price of entrance tickets for adults – 3 LVL for students and pensioners – 1.50 lats.

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