В рижском клубе

In the Riga club Coyote Fly held a party devoted to the 150-th anniversary of all-time favorite girls vermouth Martini. The party was seen and girlfriend and back-vocalist Rihanna Kimberly Айнс.

However, emergence of Kimberley in Riga it is not surprising — for several years now the singer links the novel with the Latvian film Director and виджеем Mick Озолиньшем (together with Kimberly on the top photo). He is the father of a daughter, Kimberly, which is called Эйсли Mae, and the cross became Rihanna. Now, Kimberly, and our little visit to Riga, where Ozolins brought them to acquaint with their parents.

Were spotted at a party and other celebrities.


Weight-lifter Victor crippled with a companion, the life of Mary.


Star Latvian series UgunsGrēks Ieva Alexandrova-Эклоне and famous Latvian producer Жаклина Циновска.


The mistress of the PR-Agency Prospero Мудрите Грундуле (centre) and Ieva Alexandrova-Эклоне with her husband, photographer Элвингсом Эклонсом.


Martini tatoo.

Photo: Alexey Onegin

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