Воспаление женских половых органов: профилактика и лечениеВоспаление женских половых органов: профилактика и лечение
Inflammation of the female genital organs – a serious problem faced or may face any woman. They arise for different reasons, different degree of impact on the state of the whole organism and have their methods of treatment and prevention. I WANT to help solve the problem.
Often inflammation of the female genital organs are due to infections that are transmitted through sexual contact may be the result of heavy stress, hypothermia of the body, suffering a severe disease, irrational, physical activity, alcohol and other causes.
All diseases of female genital organs can be divided into 2 main groups: specific and nonspecific.

Specific diseases is a serious sexually transmitted infections (STIs):
gonococcus (the causative agent of gonorrhea),
pale Treponema,
Treat such diseases harder, as the woman may not even realize that it moves inflammation in a latent form. Learn about the infection can only be with a comprehensive analysis of STI. The development of inflammatory processes indicate increased blood in the urine.
Nonspecific inflammatory diseases:
vaginal candidiasis (thrush),
E. coli,
Proteus and other

These diseases are caused conditionally pathogenic bacteria. They may be in our body a certain time, while not causing any harm. However, as soon as a provoking factor – hypothermia, stress, hormonal dysfunction, disturbance of immunity, bacteria begin their pathogenic impact.
Determine the development of the inflammatory diseases you can on your overall state and the character of pain. Aching, but tolerable pain in the lower abdomen, but just above the pubis, fever, nausea, vomiting, profuse discharge from the vagina – signs that happens inflammatory process in the body.

Prevention of inflammation of the genital organs it is an important phase in sexual health and lives of women. We all come from childhood, and sometimes it sounds corny. However, mothers, привившие girl from the early years of the regular performance of simple hygienic procedures, have already done a lot for the health of the daughter. Proper care of the intimate parts of the body and hygiene sex life throughout all the stages of development of the female body is the main rule of prevention of inflammation of the genital organs.
As a basic preventive measures preventing the development of inflammatory diseases are:
avoidance of casual sex,
condom use. It is important, if the partner puts it from the very beginning sexual intercourse and not just before ejaculation. You can use the emergency prevention tools, which is inserted into the vagina immediately after sex.

controlled antibiotics. After a course of treatment necessarily restore the microflora of the vagina with eubiotics,
healthy and active way of life, sleep and nutrition, sports, tempering,
avoiding hypothermia at any time of year,
timely detection and treatment of chronic infectious diseases,
correction of hormonal disorders and metabolism,
restoration of the integrity of the genital tract field birth,
prevention of prolapse of internal genital organs,
timely emptying of the bladder and intestines. Curbing the urge to urination and defecation can lead to загибанию uterus
perfect hygiene during menstruation, as sexual channel becomes available for penetration of pathogenic microbes, and the whole strength of protective forces of the body is reduced.

Treatment of inflammation of the female genital organs is appointed on the basis of the causes of disease and complications. As a rule, this can be:

antibacterial therapy,
anti-inflammatory therapy, which involves acceptance of sulfonamides and метронидозола,
reception Immunostimulants and immunomodulators to restore the protective functions of the organism,

application of local ways of influence – vaginal douching, baths, vaginal tablets, candles with antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties;

restoration of barrier functions of the vagina with eubiotics;

application of modern methods of treatment: ultrasound, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetotherapy, acupuncture, baths, mud treatment;
vitamin therapy, reception adaptogens;
hormone therapy in correction arising menstrual disorders

If the inflammation is accompanied by complications the use surgery – an autopsy, drainage of abscesses and the removal of large purulent areas.
Herbal medicine is also very efficient in the treatment of inflammation of the female genital organs. When спринцевании and preparation of the vaginal baths you can use the following fees medicinal herbs.
Recipe 1
bark oak – part 1,
chamomile flowers – part 1,
nettle leaves – part 3
grass Knotweed – 5 parts
2 tablespoon of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water. Insist drain. Use for douching.
Recipe 2
bark oak – part 3
Linden flowers – 2 pieces,
4 tablespoon of the mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 2-3 minutes, allow to cool and strain. Apply for sprintsevani twice a day.
Recipe 3
lavender – part 1,
flowers of cherry – part 1,
wormwood – part 1,
marigold flowers – 2 pieces,
oak bark – 2 pieces,
grass Sushenitsa – 2 pieces,
birch leaves – 2 pieces,
sage – 2 pieces,
camomile flowers -3 parts
1 tbsp. л.смеси pour 1 liter of boiling water, to insist 2 hours, allow to cool and strain. Apply warm solution for douching before going to sleep for 2 weeks.

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