Интерес к сексу у влюбленных пропадает через годИнтерес к сексу у влюбленных пропадает через год
Regular research commissioned by the British company Lloydspharmacy Online Doctor, proved that the interest in sex lovers are losing in the first year of relations. By the end of the year, most couples evaluates his sex life on the average score.
According to experts, every tenth Briton suffers from sexual dysfunction, although the help of doctors are turning unit. Probably, this explains the so disappointing data of the research: 40% of couples whose relationship lasting for more than 4 years, have sex a few times a month, while those living together 15 years, and did not bother to their sexual contacts limited to a number of sexual acts per year.
Just interviewed more than 2000 people, consisting of stable family relations. 40% hold your intimate life of such epithets as: go, nothing could be better. Thus, as ways to improve sexual relations, the British were very неизобретательны: 33% think they will help grease, 24% offer to dress up in sexy lingerie, another 24% prefer to watch порновильмов, and 17% of respondents believe that it is enough to switch off the light.
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